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Where to next?

1 May

So if you have noticed, the blog is currently placed on an indefinite hiatus. We’re currently moving on with our lives quite far away from the sport and the athletes. It might excite you though that you can keep in touch with your favorite cyclists through their websites. One of our favorites includes the following:

Geraint Thomas – a standard on how personal cyclist websites should be built

Teun Mulder – one of our fave track cyclists has his rather sporadically updated website

Shane Perkins – this Australian track cyclists also boasts of some minimal but good and relevant content

Zach Bell – this hot Canadian track cyclist’s blog may skimp on updates but it gives you a glimpse into the personal world of the track cyclist

Cameron Meyer – this site for the amazing Australian cyclist delivers the goods

Chris Hoy –  a slick personal website, as minimalist as a world class cyclist can be

Francois Pervis – this French cyclist has a dedicated fan base maintaining the site

Robert Foerstemann – without a doubt perhaps the most popular cyclist on this blog based on this hits, the website has a wealth of information though perhaps you might have to learn some German

Maximillian Levy – Yet another personal website for a German track cyclist, this one was one of the first to launch and has updated information on current races

There are other notable websites, but given the limited scope of this blog, this is the most accessible and relevant list of personal websites we can find for the readers of this blog. And of course for the fetish side of things, here’s a new blog that might interest you- The Tight Spot. Quite an odd name but fitting for the content it delivers. (Warning: adult content in the link)