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6 Days Berlin

1 Feb

These photos of the 6 Days Berlin 2011 by sports photographer Kerstin Winterkamp is nothing short of amazing. We can’t stress enough how stunning these photos are. Well composed, shot and edited. Of course, these photos has gone under some serious post processing but you can’t deny the high quality and stunning composition of these photos. We have never seen the 6 Days in such a gritty fashion. Moreover one of our favorite shots are those of the surroundings, and the inanimate things usually taken for granted by photographers. It makes for quite a compelling story. Generally though, these photos follow the lives of Leif Lampater and Christian Grasmann, so take a peek at what goes in and out of the 6 Days Berlin. Unfortunately though, there are no photos of the Hooters style ladies surrounding the velodrome.


First Person View of a Crash

29 Jan

Now here’s a crash video that’s quite unique and fresh in the sense that the camera is mounted in one of the bikes involved. This one taken in the recent 6 Days last January 27. The team with the camera tries to bust through an exchange and ends up in a very well documented crash.

Off the camera this is how it looked like. Photo taken by Javelin for bf-one.

The 6 Days by Horst Brozy

16 Jan

We’ve already featured Horst Brozy’s works in this blog before and we can’t emphasize enough how stunning it all is. Here is the world of track cycling viewed in a completely different light and no less than through an eye of a brilliant artist. We’re already loving his works and can’t seem to get enough of it. View more of the artworks in the gallery below and try not to drool so much.

The 6 days-An artist’s rendition

28 Oct

These brilliant renders of the recent 2010 Six Days event in Amsterdam by Horst Brozy is simply breathtaking. The details are eye-popping and the art is superb. It even looks like a diagram with matching arrows and labels. The attention to detail in creating all these images is simply outstanding. We can’t think of enough superlative words to describe the work of this artist. Just peruse the following gallery to see for yourself.