This blog would not have been possible without the help of other blogs, forums, websites and people. First and foremost we’d like to thank all the track cyclists who have shared their time with us in the velodrome even if it was just a simple hi or hello or a short chat. Our thanks especially to the Australian and New Zealand National Track Cycling Team as well as to the track cycling team of Team Rubicon-Orbea. Our thanks go to you as well. We will return to the velodrome soon!

Cycling related sites, blogs and forums:


Bike Radar

British Cycling

USA Cycling

Velodrome UK

Cycling Weekly

Fixed Gear Fever


Ride The Black Line


Hipster Nascar

Highland Cycling Forum

Since this blog is targeting both enthusiasts of the track cycling sport and that of the lycra community. We’d like to thank the following blogs for photos and inspiration.

WARNING DISCLAIMER: The sites listed below may contain gay content for mature viewers and may be NSFW. If you are offended by these kinds of sites then avoid visiting them.

The Tight Spot

LA Lycra (Blog Deleted from Blogger see LK’s post about it)

Athletic Supporter

Spandex Party

Spandex studs

Sports Gear Photos

Xtra Sport Gear Fan


Best Male Blogs (NSFW)

GayDemon (NSFW)

SpunkFeeds (NSFW)



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