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Video of the Day: October 13, 2010

13 Oct

Here’s a video of Ross Edgar’s crash during the Commonwealth Games. This is the same event that had Australian Shane Perkins disqualified after officials found him to have allegedly caused the crash. While this is only a clip, reviewing the whole event seems to vindicate Shane Perkins so his disqualification was really a disappointment.


Photo and Video of the Day: October 10, 2010

10 Oct

While the Commonwealth track cycling events are formally over, the hangover remains. It’s really been a very exciting week for fans of the sport and we can’t help but review the videos and re-experience the thrill all over again. Without a doubt, one of the biggest sensations during the games was Australian cyclist Cameron Meyer who won not one, not even 2 but 3 gold medals.

Video of the Day: October 9, 2010

9 Oct

Commonwealth Games Fever is still here, and one of the most celebrated cyclists this year is Scott Sunderland who won gold in the time trial and team sprint. Here’s a short feature on him. This is quite an old feature but very relevant to this performance in this year’s games.

Video of the Day: October 8, 2010

8 Oct

Here’s another one of the controversial happenings during the Commonwealth Games (though not as heated as Shane Perkins disqualification nor his 2 fingered salute, or Awang’s disqualification). Ross Edgar gets relegated after crossing the red line after he was, as some claimed, elbowed by the other rider (Philip Nijsane). Commonwealth Fever continues this week, so look out for related posts.

Video of the Day: October 7, 2010

7 Oct

It can’t be denied that some teams just can’t live without a sponsorship. In the case of New Zealand, there’s already a 3 year deal with SKINS for sponsorship and the company has already provided the team with the latest cycling clothing and compression apparel.

Video of the Day: October 6, 2010

6 Oct

Here’s the last keirin AD, which is in done in a similar style to the 2 previous keirin ads featured. I do hope track cycling will get the treatment it deserves in the US and hopefully will see ads like this.

Video of the Day: October 5, 2010

5 Oct

This is another keirin ad similar to the one featured yesterday, but this version one-ups the other in amazingly epic ways.