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First Person View of a Crash

29 Jan

Now here’s a crash video that’s quite unique and fresh in the sense that the camera is mounted in one of the bikes involved. This one taken in the recent 6 Days last January 27. The team with the camera tries to bust through an exchange and ends up in a very well documented crash.

Off the camera this is how it looked like. Photo taken by Javelin for bf-one.


Video of the Day: Euro Elite Champs Keirin

13 Nov

It’s quite a bit late but here’s a well shot and edited video of the keirin finals in this week’s European Elite Track Championships. Do take note that this was shot using an iphone but the results are really really good.

How to beat Chris Hoy

9 Nov

Here’s the video of the match sprint everybody’s talking about. Chris Hoy loses to 18 year old ‘endurance’ rider Felix English. Hoy who posted the fastest in the qualifiers lost to English who was one of the slowest riders. So how did this happen? Check the video. A lot of people thought Hoy was being cocky when he thought he was gonna win. If you think about it, Hoy had a sure win. English just tried his luck and eventually beat Hoy in what was a very surprising turn of events. English looks more shocked than Hoy who lost this chance to win a medal after abstaining from the Commonwealth Games. Funny, but it’s true.

Video of the Day: October 27, 2010

27 Oct

You probably have all seen this ad one way or another. Yeah, it’s the Lance Armstrong ad with the dying elephant. We don’t know, this just came up randomly in one of our emails and felt nostalgia for the time when we adored this guy. (We still do, cycling won’t be the same way weren’t it for his achievements, life story and some controversies)

Video of the Day: October 25, 2010

25 Oct

We’ve suddenly become overnight fans of American track cyclist Austin Carroll’s youtube vlogging adventures. There’s something about a cyclist’s life that fascinates us be it their carefree attitude or the joyous and jovial atmosphere surrounding the athletes. For those non-fans of track cycling, watching Austin’s adventures might bore you or often times elicit weird responses but track cycling and/or road cycling fans will definitely enjoy his adventures.

Video of the Day: October 23, 2010

23 Oct

One of the things we love about the sport of track cycling are the athletes. To begin with, these guys know how to have fun and are very down to earth. Not only that, the sense of collegiality is amazing. The track cyclists seem to get along with each other very well. In this video, American track cyclist Kit Karzen documents his adventures in Trinidad for the Eastern Grand Prix and boy is he having a great time. Check out at around the 4:00 mark when the track cyclists start dancing in their kit, skinsuits and all. (You probably have already seen the photos before in this blog, here it is in action, check out the other related videos by Austin Carroll for more videos of the dance)

Video of the Day: October 15, 2010

15 Oct

American track cyclist Austin Carroll has been vlogging his cycling adventures in his youtube channel. Here’s one of his adventures during the USA Elite Nationals.