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2011 and the Kit Wars

16 Jan

So you might be wondering where we were for the past few weeks. As you might have noticed it’s been weeks since our last post, and we haven’t even made a post for the new year. The future of this blog is already in question as we have now returned to the US of A doing other jobs as well as returning to school. Also, we’ve been doing a lot of trips despite the freaky weather. We were only able to catch up with the latest cycling news in the past few days and we’re still in the process of making sense out of it all. We have dozens of cycling events to review and the odd thing is, we’re very excited more for road cycling than for track cycling. Actually this isn’t odd as January usually marks the start of the new professional cycling season which generally translates to a much more exciting time for the sport.

So since we’re still in the stage of planning on what to do with this blog. We came across this article (The good, the bad and the ugly: 2011 team kits by Jane Aubrey) from Cyclingnews which talks about the new 2011 team kits from the various pro cycling teams. Do take note of their choices since they mirror most of our views (but we’re tired of the quickstep kit). Our picks include:

The Liquigas Team kit

The Leopard Trek kit

Team Radioshack kit

Our previous favorites still remain which include Team Sky, and the Rabobank kit, though both kit designs are starting to show its age. The freshest has to be Radioshack’s. We really love the minimalism of the Leopard Trek kit.


Future Plans

4 Nov

If you’re wondering where our posts went, well yeah, we haven’t posted anything for the past few days. The truth is we’re back in our hometown here in the US of A. Election day sure yeah, let’s keep that topic to ourselves. But anyway here’s a major announcement, now that we’re back here we’re actually pursuing our goals now. Further studies while juggling with work and play. We will be on our separate ways for what will probably be the longest time. We think it’s about time to do what we really wanted to do with our lives. So expect fewer posts from this day forward. We’re still keeping an eye on different events but now that we’re on our separate ways it’s going to be very hard to do something together despite the internet, e-mail and etc.

Extended Halloween Break

31 Oct

We’ll be out on an extended Halloween Break. Don’t expect any new posts until maybe November 3. There’s going to be a major international track cycling event this coming November and that’s the European Elite Track Cycling Championships where finally, Chris Hoy will be back in the international scene after his disappointing absence in the Commonwealth Games. Also expect some major announcements by then. For the meantime, take a look at these photos c/o Cycling Weekly of the Revolution 29, featuring Chris Hoy’s amazing win as well as Chris Newton’s farewell.

Yet another hiatus

21 Oct

Our readers may have noticed the absence of updates to this blog. We have recently moved to another place in another work related activity. This time though, there seems to be a paucity in internet availability and our laptop suffered a minor crash which warranted a visit to the computer repair store. We hope to be back with more posts and updates and as some of you especially the track cycling fanatics may have noticed, there’s a major track cycling event underway and it’s the Six-days previously featured in one of our blog posts. Here’s American track cyclists Giddeon Massie and Andy Lakatosh taking part in the event in Amsterdam.

We’re Back and we just missed the USA Elite Nationals

4 Oct

That was quite a rough weekend we had but we thoroughly enjoyed it. A sports training camp in the wilderness packed with athletes from different sports, well we learned a lot in addition to ant, mosquito and other insect bites. Back home in the US, it’s the USA Cycling Elite Track Championships 2010, and it’s quite unfortunate that we weren’t able to attend it in Carson, California. This event was one of our favorites and we almost never failed to attend this and other USA Cycling track events. Nevertheless, a good friend updated us on the action in the track now that the event is over.

We have here in this photo, the top sprint cyclists in the USA today. From L-R: Andy Lakatosh, Jimmy Watkins, Giddeon Massie, David Espinoza and Kevin Mansker

We have here our keirin champions: Andy Lakatosh, Giddeon Massie, Matt Baranoski, Jimmy Watkins, and David Espinoza

Here’s the points race winners: Zak Kovalcik, Shane Klein, Daniel Holt, Cody O’Reilley, Austin Carroll

4K pursuit winners: Chris Carlson, Daniel Harm, Adam Liebovitz, Roman Kilun, David Swanson

Team OUCH won the men’s team pursuit.

Well, that looks like an awfully crowded team pursuit podium.

It’s too bad we missed all the action, after all this is quite possibly the biggest track cycling event in the United States where the best track cyclists gather and compete. The event is an amazing display of athleticism, sportsmanship, and skill showcasing our very own homegrown cyclists who may not be at the level of Chris Hoy but nevertheless can stand on their own as a world class track cyclist. Congratulations to all the winners!

(We’re still reviewing videos sent by our friends back home, and we’re so busy viewing it we might as well spend the whole day for it)

On hiatus for 2 days

30 Sep

The Fixed Gear authors, Kean and Anna will be on hiatus for the next 2 days. We will be pursuing a short vacation somewhere here in Southeast Asia. For the perceptive readers, you might have noticed we’re currently on a timezone that’s somewhere in the Pacific that’s not Australia or New Zealand. For the past few weeks we have been accompanying a a certain Asian soccer team as well as a table tennis and badminton team as their physiotherapist and as an assistant to their sports physiologist/doctor. We hope to learn a lot from this experience and for the next 2 days, we’re going to do some activities in some place far away with very little possibility of a stable internet connection. So we’re going to have to pause for a while maybe for just 2 days, but if we’re lucky we might manage to deliver some goods, who knows the internet knows no bounds these days.


7 Sep

In the broadest sense of the word, this blog is still in its infancy. We delivered what we intended from the start and we did what we could in the limited time that was given to us for this blog. Now, thanks to wordpress we have a plethora of stats to peruse and the data is rather interesting. Of course, we’ve already known the types of audience we have, but still it was quite a revelation.

We’ve been live for around 25 days, and in that span of time, we have received more than 11,000 hits. Most of these come from referrals from other sites and blogs, most notably Lycrakeen, Wetsuitlads, Outsports, and a couple of other sites. We thank these sites for making our presence known to their readers and subscribers. We have also recently reached our 100th post 2 days ago, and felt it wouldn’t have been possible were it not for our readers and subscribers.

So let’s break it down. I don’t know if a lot of people know this but all the photos are clickable to link to a larger  or full sized photo. WordPress stats also track the most popular clicks. So here are the most popular photos.

Notice anything similar? Both photos have Dutch track cyclist, Tim Veldt. Not only that the photos show the cyclist in a similar position and that is sitting down with legs wide open.

Another popular photo is this one featuring Dutch track cyclist Theo Bos performing stretching exercises and maneuvers.

This photo of Teun Mulder is also a very popular one and happenst to be the most popular ‘photo of the day’ post. It seems our readers fancy Dutch track cyclists so we decided to feature them in a future post.

Among the popular posts, the notable ones include our feature on German cyclist Robert Forstemann and on track cyclists’ photo shoots. The Links page also enjoys a significant amount of popularity among our readers.

So… 25 days… well, these are just mere stats and we’re happy to have delivered what we wanted with this blog. The challenge now is for us to continue doing this as we are now actively pursuing our personal goals.