Procycling Magazine Cover Shoots

25 Jan

You probably have read the article from Cyclingnews showcasing some cover shoots of Procycling Magazine by photographer Jesse Wild. You can read the article HERE. Of course, the best part is the photographs he shares of some pro cyclists including one of our favorites, Tyler Farrar (photo above). Now that the 2011 pro cycling season has officially started, it’s about time to revisit these cover shoots of 2010. Obviously, Mark Cavendish is one of the favorite and most reported cyclists out there stemming from his exploits and his electrifying personality. Personally, we kinda like the guy for his balls. He has the ability to add spice to the sport even though his ways are quite questionable. Word wars end up with Cav receiving the short end of the stick from the press and he even has a couple of brushes with the press. Still, you can’t deny his presence brings a fresh personality to the sport. Though we wish every cyclist out there would have the amazing personality and charisma of Tyler Farrar, Tyler is one of a kind and that makes him unique and well loved by the press despite underperforming and some say, overhyped performance. Read the article in the link above and if you’re interested go ahead and subscribe to the mag. Here are more photos from the article.


One Response to “Procycling Magazine Cover Shoots”

  1. Londoncycler August 22, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    some cute pen1s shots…

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