What to bring

20 Jan

We just spent the past few days reviewing footage and amateur videos of the World Cup 2010 held last month (December 16-18) in Cali, Colombia. The World Cup Event in Cali, despite being high-profile with the best riders in the world participating the event, remains rather underreported. After all, Colombia has this reputation of being a dangerous place but based on the accounts of the cyclists and some of our friends themselves, this reputation is rather exaggerated and Colombia seems like a very nice and hospitable place. So anyway, some have asked, what to track cyclists bring to an event? Of course, there’s the bike, perhaps the most important thing, plus all the things needed to maintain and repair a bike. They’re wonderfully housed in a sturdy enclosure such as the photo below. It’s from American track cyclist Kevin Mansker, and don’t expect any fancy enclosures, track cycling teams aren’t professional road cycling teams. They’re a humble lot, which we’re eternally thankful for and we hope the track cycling community stays this way. Also here’s what Kevin prepared in his bag, skinsuits, bib shorts, and jerseys.

We’ll be talking about the Cali world cup as well as the other events we missed in December in the next blog posts. Also, we’re currently watching some beautiful road cycling action from the Tour Down Under.


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