Off the track

18 Jan

Dianne Manson is one of our favorite photographers from the NZPA. You see, photography as a hobby is fairly easy and fun. Photography as a career is hard and unfortunately unforgiving but quite rewarding. We’ve learned a lot from sports photographers covering track events and while their claim to fame is the superb and splendid shots of fast moving objects such as cyclists, motorcycles in the MotoGP, cars in an F1 race, a lot of them are also known for producing superb portrait and so called ‘candid’ shots of the athletes. Moving objects are spectacularly hard to shoot and photographers go through lots of bad shots and rigorous editing before submitting to their employers. Simpler photos such as podium shots, and off the track scenes are easier to shoot but are less dramatic hence usually fail to go in print.

These set of photographs by Dianne Manson shows elite track cyclists from New Zealand during the Cycling Carnival in Invercargill, off the track. You may find familiar faces including Jesse Sergent, Sam Bewley, Sam Webster, Marc Ryan Myron Simpson, etc. It shows the life of a track cyclist inside the velodrome but off the track. Very few exciting things happen in between races of most track cycling events with the very notable exception of the 6 Days which features booze, boobs, music, and food. So you can just see cyclists chatting with each other, their team mates, photographers, and fans. Others would get a good massage, sleep, exercise in the rollers, analyze their videos, tinker with their bikes, etc. It all is a simple life before mounting in their bikes and heading into battle. Dianne Manson has beautifully captured that in this photo album.


One Response to “Off the track”

  1. LycraKeen January 23, 2011 at 11:00 am #

    Love the pictures. Keep up the good work!

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