2011 and the Kit Wars

16 Jan

So you might be wondering where we were for the past few weeks. As you might have noticed it’s been weeks since our last post, and we haven’t even made a post for the new year. The future of this blog is already in question as we have now returned to the US of A doing other jobs as well as returning to school. Also, we’ve been doing a lot of trips despite the freaky weather. We were only able to catch up with the latest cycling news in the past few days and we’re still in the process of making sense out of it all. We have dozens of cycling events to review and the odd thing is, we’re very excited more for road cycling than for track cycling. Actually this isn’t odd as January usually marks the start of the new professional cycling season which generally translates to a much more exciting time for the sport.

So since we’re still in the stage of planning on what to do with this blog. We came across this article (The good, the bad and the ugly: 2011 team kits by Jane Aubrey) from Cyclingnews which talks about the new 2011 team kits from the various pro cycling teams. Do take note of their choices since they mirror most of our views (but we’re tired of the quickstep kit). Our picks include:

The Liquigas Team kit

The Leopard Trek kit

Team Radioshack kit

Our previous favorites still remain which include Team Sky, and the Rabobank kit, though both kit designs are starting to show its age. The freshest has to be Radioshack’s. We really love the minimalism of the Leopard Trek kit.


One Response to “2011 and the Kit Wars”

  1. Cougar Girl February 22, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    Minor problem with the Radioshack revamp: now they are emphasizing the letter R it is almost impossible not to shout “Up the Rs!”

    (Note for non-UK viewers: “Up the Rs” comes out sounding very close to “Up the arse” which in English is a bit rude. Actually it’s quite rude. So don’t say it! Resist!)


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