Tyler Farrar and Garmin-Cervélo

8 Dec

Now, for some non-track cycling tidbits. Until now, we haven’t found someone else to replace Tyler Farrar as our favorite road cyclist/sprinter. We have featured him before and our reasons for liking him are pretty much personal. So we’ve heard a lot of news about this guy lately but we’re more excited by this latest development. If you’ve been following the latest cycling news, there has been a shake-up in one of the cycling teams with the merger of Team Garmin and Team Cervélo. Recently, the team (Garmin-Cervélo) just concluded their training camp in Cayman with positive results as both teams have instantly bonded with nary a hint of tension or bitter rivalry. This is practically required as both teams have competed against each other in previous events and especially now that Tyler will work with Thor Hushovd, another world class sprinter. How their dynamics in the upcoming season will work out is something to be seen. But things look very promising. Here’s what Tyler had to say:

“Everyone’s always said, ‘What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?’, but I was never that worried that there was going to be this disaster or a feud within the team,” said Farrar. “Thor and I were laughing about that the other day. We talked about things quite a bit and we’re both really reasonable guys. It’s going to be different coming from a situation where we were both undisputed leaders to a team where there’s two of us, or even a third with Heinrich [Haussler].

“It’s going to be something we both have to adapt to – taking two closely knit teams and turning them into one. That’s what we have to do as professionals if we want to win races. This [camp] has been a great way to get that ball rolling and to start making those connections to be close knit as a single team just the way we were and Cervélo was last season.” (From cyclingnews.com)

Well, that’s definitely promising indeed. You can check out more of the interview HERE. Another exciting development was the possible return of Tyler Farrar to the track. Now that is some delicious news. Tyler will race this December 27-30 at the Burnaby 4 in British Columbia, Canada. Tyler has raced a couple of track events before including the World Cup and his body is built for sprinting so racing in the track won’t be much of a shock to him. Unfortunately though this will only serve as a warm-up of sorts for the upcoming racing season. As Tyler explains:

“When the team told me I’m riding the Tour Down Under I had to do something to be fit,” said Farrar. “If you’re starting racing a few weeks later you can use our January training camp [in Calpe, Spain] to get that first big hit of intensity to get the body moving for racing. I won’t have that, the Tour Down Under is going to be that first really hard thing. The track race is a good opportunity to add in a bit of intensity and blow the legs out.

“I lived up in Bellingham, Washington, which is less than an hour from Burnaby, for three years while my girlfriend went to the university there. I spent lots of time up at Burnaby in the winter training on the track and I’ve done Burnaby when it was a Six Day three or four years ago. I know the guys that organize it and I think it’s a really good time.” (From cyclingnews.com)

So, his return to the track is definitely just transient but we’re still hoping that we might see him again in the velodrome. Given his exemplary performance in the road sprints, he will do very well in the track. These latest developments with the Garmin-Cervelo team is very promising and we can’t help but wait for the upcoming racing season to see how this will turn out.


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