Track World Cup Melbourne

4 Dec

It’s been an amazing two days of track racing in the land down under where the best of the best gather for the UCI Track World Cup. The performances are nothing short of breathtaking. The Team Sprint Event was dominated by the Brits (Hoy/Kenny/Crampton) who overpowered both the formidable New Zealand Team (Dawkins/Mitchell/Webster) and Jayco Australia Team (Perkins/Niblett/Ellis) all of which are our favorite teams. The German team who had been riding beautifully all year round had to settle for fourth this time around as they take a backseat to the Kiwis and Aussies.

The Brits didn’t send a team for the Madison but they were never really the masters of this event. Australia (Meyer/Howard) showcased their skill and expertise in what was one of best madison race we’ve seen yet. The Kiwis and Dutch team also made a remarkable performance in this event leading to a very exciting way to cap off day 1.

Day 2 showed that Chris Hoy is still the man to beat (after a terribly embarrassing performance in the Euro track champs) when he won the men’s keirin. The Netherland’s Teun Mulder and France’s Mickael Bourgain attempted to outpace Hoy but despite their brilliant and valiant efforts there could be only one winner and it was quite clear this was Hoy’s to win.

The Men’s omnium with the new format proved to be a very daunting and challenging task for the cyclists as none proved to be a dominator in all the events. In the end, while we were rooting for Zachary Bell of Canada to win this, Shane Archbold of the New Zealand with his amazing expertise and talent took the gold while Bell took Silver and Olympic team pursuit champion Ed Clancy of the GB team managed to sneak into the 3rd place with a very pleasing performance. Complete List of the results HERE. Here’s some video highlights from the events:

And Day 3 will include Men’s sprint, and Team Pursuit. Mmmm.. the sprint  will be one hell of a battlefield.

And our obligatory photo gallery. (Photos by Shane Goss and John Veague, and The Cycling Tribe , some amateurish photos by our very dear friend in Melbourne, Hicks)


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