The Return of Jason Queally

13 Nov

Perhaps buried under the news of Chris Hoy’s shocking defeat was the surprising return of British track cycling legend Jason Queally to the track. You might have already heard of the guy who is frequently mentioned in this blog. Yup, he was the track cyclist who started Britain’s gold medal haul in Olympic track cycling back in 2000 when he won and broke the time trial record. Now 10 years later and at age 40, Jason has returned to the track, shifted to the endurance events in the European track champions, and subsequently performed magnificently in the team pursuit winning gold alongside the younger cyclists Ed Clancy, Steven Burke, Andy Tennant.

Here’s what Queally had to say post-race: “It’s brilliant, I’m over the moon and really chuffed for the boys. It is great to be European Champion again. I was European Team Sprint Champion and now I’m Team Pursuit Champion and there’s around 12 years between the two!” Which reminded us, hey! Queally was a sprinter before, and he looks like he’s not aged quite well. He looks quite skinny now with a build much more typical of an endurance rider and he seems to have shed his past sprinter body build, not that it’s a bad thing but it’s just a little surprising to see Queally in this form for his return. I guess that’s how a couple of years can make a difference.

It’s quite exciting to see where all this will go. Queally’s return was met with lukewarm responses from some track cycling analysts but he exceeded a lot of expectations by performing well in the team pursuit. Will he return to the sprinting events? Will he give it another go in the Olympics? Queally’s plans haven’t been made public but he seems to be enjoying this. The photos above show Queally with old rival Pavel Buran who now does coaching duties. Will he go the same way in the coming months? Regardless of the future, it’s good to say “Welcome back, Queally!”


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