European Track Champs

8 Nov

If you guys have been reading the latest news, yup, the European track championships just concluded and while we have only seen some of the races, it’s one hell of a bloodbath out there. It’s really quite obvious that the European track cyclists are certainly dominating in this sport with the Australians right behind them. The Americans have a lot of catching up to do. And I’ m sure you guys have heard the most shocking news of all. Chris Hoy got eliminated in the semi’s in the men’s match sprint after he was caught napping by 18 year old Felix English who was one of the slowest riders in the event! Talk about the biggest. upset. ever. Oh, and remember the European track championships was the reason Hoy skipped the Commonwealth Games (a very disappointing absence) and he just handed his ass over to this kid. Great. This kid certainly has the distinction of beating Chris Hoy, while being eliminated himself. It was a quite funny experience to watch on TV indeed considering the British hate to lose.

In other events, it seems this year will be one for the Germans. They once again dominated in the team sprint with the massive guys powering their way to beat the French in the final team sprint. Here they are the big guys from Germany, Robert Foerstemann, Stefan Nimke and Maximillian Levy in all their glorious white skinsuits. (photos by Larry Hickmont)

And you guys do know we love Robert Foerstemann’s monstrous thighs. I mean, take a look at those! They certainly don’t look like they come from a normal human being!

We’re still reviewing all the videos. We’ve only seen the first day events as well as the infamous Hoy vs English match sprint. It’s been a very exciting weekend for the sport and if the reports are to be believed it was indeed a bloodbath. Oh well, here’s to viewing hours of cycling and velodrome goodness.


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