29 Oct

Siblings who excel in the same sport are quite rare nowadays. Apart from the Williams sisters, I can’t think of any other pair which receives more publicity and media coverage. Even though cyclist brothers are not too uncommon, they’re either very unpopular or too obscure to gain media attention, well except for a few cases. These are the pairs which come to mind when we talk about professional cyclist brothers. This is by no means a complete list but what just came to mind when we first thought about this topic. Moreover, these are currently active athletes. The old legends of cycling twins, brothers, or even a whole family are not featured here.

Frank and Andy Schleck: You can’t deny the star power of these siblings. Both ride for Team Saxobank and both have won several road races and even stage races in major road cycling events. Their chemistry is indeed unbeatable. They’re arguably the most popular professional cyclist siblings today and more often than not they’re treated as some kind of media darling.

Dean and Russell Downing: Probably the most popular professional cyclist siblings in the UK (2nd photo: the 2 guys in the left, 3rd photo: the guys in the left and right side) Both are professional road cyclists and both have gone their separate ways. Dean, the older sibling is with the Rapha Condor team while Russell, is currently with Team Sky. Both have impressive career highlights.

Cameron and Travis Meyer: These professional cyclists from Australia ride the same team, Garmin-Transitions and specialize both in the road and track. Cameron, the older sibling recently became one of the most celebrated cyclists in the recently concluded Commonwealth Games for his achievements in the track, winning gold in 3 events. Someday, their chemistry may rival that of the Shclecks.

Christos and Zafeiris Volikakis: Here’s a personal favorite. The track cyclist brothers from Greece. They’re quite popular back in their own country because of their sporting achievements. Christos, the older sibling is a fast developing track sprinter previously featured in this blog, and is definitely the superior sibling but Zafeiris is quite developing nicely in the track and has even won major races. Definitely a pair to look out for in the track.

Shane Perkins and Ryan Bayley: Now this one, we’d like to add to spice things up a little bit. The photos look bad but the top features a shot of Shane Perkins and Ryan Bayley meeting eye to eye after Ryan crashed during the match sprint. Now what makes this pair special? Are they even brothers? If you’re an Australian, or someone who has been following the track cycling sport down under, you’ll know the kind of relationship these 2 have. They’re bitter rivals, a sports rivalry that something Australia hasn’t seen in years. Complicating the matter is the fact that Shane Perkins married Kristin Bayley, Ryan’s sister and a national level track cyclist. So they’re essentially brothers in law, thus their inclusion in this list (or that’s just an excuse)


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