Track Cyclist of the Day: The Czech Team

27 Oct

If you remember a while back, we featured 3 track cyclists in one article and we’re going to do the same thing again. This time with the Czech track cycling team. Now now you might wonder why deal with a relatively obscure track cycling team with nearly incomprehensible names? Well, we’ve got a little story for all of you. We, Kean and Anna weren’t always together in the same team. As far as our work connections go, we dealt with several teams, European, American and Australian teams included. During one of the track cycling events, Kean was introduced to the Czech track cycling team and spent considerable time with them. At the same time, Anna was also introduced to them but was lucky enough to follow them through training camps and other European events for nearly 2 months. So Anna certainly has better knowledge with regards to these guys. Now what we like about this team is their sense of camaraderie, patriotism and respect that’s quite in a different scale as compared to the other teams. That alone makes them special, and our time spent with them was also memorable.

From this point, Anna will be the one sharing her experiences as we believe she is better suited to writing an article about them.

By the Czech team, I mean the brilliant trio of Tomas Babek, Denis Spicka, and Adam Ptacnik (Featured in the photo above from left to right). They’re the official track cycling athletes of the Czech Republic sent to the Beijing Olympics in the sprint and team sprint events. Make no mistake about it, these three cyclists are the best of the best in that country. I’ve followed them in several events, training camps, press interviews, etc. and I’ve come to learn about them, their lifestyle, and how they are an inspiration for their fellow countrymen. Rarely have I seen a track cycling team filled with patriotism, and camaraderie it’s almost like a straight rip from a movie.

These 3 hunks have been cycling together for so long their dynamics in the velodrome is almost unmatched. Their sense of cooperation is clearly evident by the moment you see them entering the velodrome. They do get along very well and seem to understand what the other wants resulting in a highly functional relationship with the entire team. We can tell such a relationship is essential for a team to function and excel as we have seen teams whose relationships border on the dysfunctional and this results to arguments, and misunderstandings that ultimately result in poor athletic performance. Anybody who has worked with a track cycling team can attest to this. I’m not dropping team names but I’m pretty sure Kean knows who I’m talking about and our friends and colleagues reading this can surely relate.

So back to the trio. You can easily tell their bodies are well made for the track (or the track made their bodies), mesomorphic builds although Tomas Babek has notable ectomorphic features. David Spicka and Adam Ptacnik have truly mesomorphic builds but still has hints of ectomorphic features. It would seem that their bodies were developed through constant strength training, and participation in cycling activities. Of the 3 Adam Ptacnik has the more mesomorphic type of body, with well developed upper and lower extremities and a mature muscle mass with a wide torso. During my conversations with the team, a body build like Adam’s can be difficult to maintain because he has the tendency to gain weight very easily as compared to Tomas Babek who’s ectomorphic mesomorph body build allows him room for minimal weight gain yet still maintain a well performing form. Adam has to undergo intensive strength training regimens as do the other cyclists but also has to take care of maintaining that form. Denis Spicka meanwhile enjoys being in the middle. A mesomorphic build that’s essentially just right. What the 3 share are well developed upper and lower extremities as well as a muscular and well developed chest area.

A lot will argue that the Czech track cycling team is rather obscure and unknown. In some respects, yes that is true. They have not achieved the popularity of the Dutch, French or British track cycling team who are at the top of the food chain right now. But the Czech team is quite popular in some low key events which they have won several times and has even managed to deliver some surprising performances in bigger events. They’re quite a formidable team indeed. While the British and French all have their science and technologies to back them up in their training, The Czech has the passion, and the experience as well as the rigorous training despite the absence of state of the art technologies. They join a lot of races which helps in building up their experience. This is what we’ve observed in some teams which dedicate more time to training, with the help of expensive tests, gadgets and gear without the actual experience in races. The Czech team meanwhile rely on building experiences for their athletes by letting them join in several events. Not only does this help them build on their athletic expertise but it also helps them with their relationships with the other athletes, continually building mutual trust, friendship and camaraderie. In my experience with track cycling teams, it is my humble opinion that a cyclist will have more fun with racing with colleagues, and friends than pushing your limits through scientific tests and training which more often than not focus on individual strengths.

Personally, I love these guys. These 3 adorable hunks wonderfully wrapped in lycra are very attractive, hot, and sexy. Those rippling muscles, and sexy curves and contours (not to mention the bulges) are a sight to behold especially in person. Photos don’t give their jaw-dropping, drool-worthy bodies justice. Not only that, they’re very outgoing, friendly, and approachable. Generally very likeable! Despite the language barrier, I found out that they’re always very eager to help out in any way they can and even attempted to converse in broken english with a very charming, melting smile. These guys have been an inspiration for their country and in fact, they’re heroes in the local arena and are looked up by the youth of the Czech republic. They’re more than just inspirations, they’re role models for the sporting youth of the Czech Republic.

Well, here’s yet another drool-worthy photo of the guys with their shirts off. Never mind the last guy on the left, but Denis Spicka, Tomas Babek, and Adam Ptacnik (L-R) sure have amazing bodies they can show off with or without lycra. But anyway, take note of their body build in this photo. I’ve described Adam’s body previously as something that has to be maintained, and yes, without the necessary training and regimen, he can easily gain weight and damage that form. This is the type of mesomorphic body that needs to be checked on once in a while. Another cyclist who has a similar body build which requires maintenance is Jason Niblett, featured in one of our blog posts.

Well, I think I’ve said a lot of things about them. I adore these guys and just wish them the best in their careers. They’re destined for greater things in the track and their performance in the track cycling events show great promise. Without further adieu, here’s a MASSIVE gallery of the Czech cycling team with tons of drool-worthy pics.

Kean’s take: I guess Anna already said everything there is to say about this team. Their team dynamics are rivaled by only a few and they’ve got what it takes to take on the big guys in the sport. Plus, they got the right bodies for the job and while they’re at it, looking good in well designed skinsuits. So here’s that massive gallery c/o our friends Alex, Daniel and the other guys from Dukla Brno.


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