Revolution 29

25 Oct

The 29th Revolution Meeting (Season 8) was recently concluded last October 23, 2010 in the Manchester Velodrome with a brilliant performance by Chris Hoy as well as other notable track cyclists including Ed Clancy, Chris Newton, Jason Kenny and David Daniell. Chris Newton also bid farewell to the track in an emotional parade of wheels tribute. Unfortunately though, we only got to see 3 events thanks to our friend who recorded the whole thing, the championship sprint, the motorpaced scratch race and the team sprint.

Chris Hoy, captain of Team Sky, won the championship sprint. Hoy, who recently withdrew from the Track National Championships due to illness came back in full force delivering a sprinting performance only a world class cyclist can. Indeed, Chris Hoy was the main star of the show beating the likes of rising stars such as Matt Crampton and Dave Daniell.

Round 1

Heat 1
Chris Hoy beat
Kian Emadi

Heat 2
Dave Daniell beat
Pete Mitchell

Heat 3
Matt Crampton beat
Ross Edgar

Heat 4
Jason Kenny beat
Chris Pritchard

Semi Final

Heat 1
Chris Hoy beat
Jason Kenny

Heat 2
Dave Daniell beat
Matt Crampton

Losers Six Lap Dash
1. Matt Crampton
2. Kian Emadi
3. Peter Mitchell
4. Jason Kenny
5. Chris Pritchard
6. Ross Edgar

Chris Hoy beat
Dave Daniell

In the motor-paced scratch race, Chris Newton won in what was his final race of his final Revolution event. Chris received a standing ovation from the crowd. Later that evening, Chris Newton was given an emotional farewell with the traditional parade of wheels send-off from his fellow cyclists.

1. Chris Newton
2. Steven Burke
3. Luke Rowe
4. Robert Crampton
5. Adam Duggelby

The final event of the evening and one of the 3 events we saw was the Team Sprint between Scotland v England. The Scottish team of Chris Hoy, Ross Edgar and Chris Pritchard, faced the England squad of Jason Kenny, Matt Crampton and Dave Daniell. The England trio eventually won in what was a very exciting and very close race and the perfect way to close the 29th Revolution meeting.

We weren’t able to see the other events but we wager it’s as exciting as the other events we have seen. Ed Clancy won the 15k points race, as well as the Scratch race. Ed Clancy and Steven Burke won the 1km madison time trial. In the keirin, Chris Hoy won followed by Jason Kenny and Dave Daniell. You can read a full report in the Cyclingnews website.

The following is a photo gallery of the event last Saturday (Photos by Larry Hickmont, Guy Swarbrick, and Chris Jackson)


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