Scenes from the Podium Part 1

21 Oct

Instead of grabbing one photo to feature today, we’re featuring several photos culled from different sources (friends and colleagues) and present it as one nice gallery. These scenes are from the recently concluded Commonwealth Games held in India. As you may have already read in this blog, Australia dominated the velodrome with the most number of medals and a gold medal in almost every category. This shows that the Australian track cycling team is a force to reckon come London 2012. It’s also quite obvious that we’re big fans of the Australian track cycling team having had the chance to work and interact with them. So congratulations to Shane Perkins, Jack Bobridge, Cameron Meyer, Jason Niblett, Scott Sunderland, Daniel Ellis and to the other winners!

Once again as we have described in a previous blog post, the podium moment is a very special time for a cyclist. In this case, the winners here are not new to this experience but despite that, you can not miss the look of joy and euphoria in their faces. They’ll not only be bringing home the experience but also some really nice bling bling in the form of a wonderfully crafted medal as well as a…. sash. Despite some controversies, we consider this event to be one of the most thrilling and amazing we have seen for this year.


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