Blast from the Past Part 4

21 Oct

This is not going to be a blast farther from the past than our previous ‘blast from the past’ post (mouthful ain’t it?), but we’re going back 10 years into the past with the 1999 international invitational Keirin in Japan featuring the track cycling legends of yesteryear. These posters still look quite familiar as posters from recent International Invitational Keirin events also feature similar poster styles which usually include a mug shot, names, weight and nationality, etc. Keirin is a big sport in Japan, and as you might have noticed in some of our featured videos, Japanese are very passionate about it. But anyway, here are the posters:

If you’re a fan of track cycling for as long as we were you may remember some of these names. Personally, we remember Frederic Magne the legendary track cyclist from France who is now with the UCI who still looks as sexy as he was years ago, Jens Fiedler the big guy from Germany whose towering presence is a sight to behold in the velodrome and Sean Eadie the biggest of them all, the Aussie cyclist most notable for his beard (not shown in the photo) and sadly for the controversies surrounding the very tragic doping incidents with Jobie Dajka. We’ve heard of the other cyclists but they’re now a distant memory. Years from now, the posters of the recent 2010 International Keirin event will also become a piece of memorabilia from a time long gone and by then the current masters of track cycling will have become cycling legends.


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