Commonwealth Games Fever Part 2

8 Oct

The Commonwealth Games in India continues, and it’s no surprise that Australia is dominating in the track cycling events, though there are a couple of surprises. Our previous post about the commonwealth noted some controversial events including Shane Perkins’ disqualification and his subsequent two fingered salute as well as Ross Edgar’s crash. We’ve just reviewed the videos of the events and it’s been a quite exciting week for track cycling.

Shane Perkins recovered from his disappointment in the keirin by producing an exceptional performance in the match sprint earning him a gold medal with fellow Aussie Scott Sunderland claiming silver. It was yet another thrilling match sprint as Perkins unleashed some beautiful tactics to pin his fellow countryman Sunderland to the fence and sprint his way to the finish line with a considerable lead.

It’s becoming quite clear now that Shane Perkins is going to be our favorite cyclist for this year’s Commonwealth Games. It’s quite unfortunate though that his excellent performance is mired by his questionable conduct in  the keirin with regards to the 2 fingered salute. Though in all honesty, while we’re not experts in the sport, we have reviewed the keirin that resulted to his disqualification and found nothing to implicate him and in fact the reviewing the videos seem to vindicate him instead. A very disappointing decision from the organizers made more distressing by Perkins somewhat rude response. But despite that, we still love the guy. He’s one of our favorite cyclists and our experience with him was really pleasant. He’s been involved in some controversy before but he’s actually the poster boy for a cyclist bad boy turned into a changed man–well until yesterday that is. But irregardless, we’re still rooting for him and the rest of the Australian track cycling team to dominate this year’s games.

Another rising favorite is Scott Sunderland. We’re really awed by his performance for the past few days, and not only that he beat a Commonwealth Games Record for the time trial previously held by Chris Hoy (and we still can’t get over the disappointment for his absence in the games).

Another surprise was Malaysian cyclist, Mohd Rizal Tisin who made a superb performance to take silver in the time trial event. We have to admit though, we expected more of Eddie Dawkins. In fact, we were half expecting him to snatch either gold or silver in the time trials, but nevertheless it was a very good performance for the 100kg kiwi.

The Team Pursuit event saw the Australians dominating. The team of Jack Bobridge, Michael Freiberg, Michael Hepburn and Dale Parker produced a new Commonwealth Record on their way to the gold medal in the men’s team pursuit, posting a time of 3.55.421 – the fourth fastest time ever recorded. New Zealand took silver while Northern Ireland took bronze.

As of now, Australia leads the medal tally with a whooping 14 medals! Followed by New Zealand with 7 medals. Full results HERE.


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