Commonwealth Games Fever

7 Oct

The Commonwealth Games Fever continues with an undeniably sizzling and controversial day for track cycling. We spent the whole day watching the cycling events unfold on television and it was quite riveting. There were lots of surprises including a crash, controversy over a hand gesture, reckless riding, thrilling matches, and an improved crowd turnout in the velodrome. Here’s a clip to give you a taste of some of the action we just witnessed for the past 2 days.

With regards to Shane Perkins’ hand gestures (his response to his being booted out from the finals), you can read it HERE and see some news videos HERE and the actual video HERE (look for the video featuring Shane Perkins). So what do you think? Does he deserve disciplinary actions or sanctions? UPDATE: Embedded below is the video of the 2 finger salute that Perko did.

For the track results, here’s the Day 1 and Day 2 results (from Canadian Cyclist).

For photos of the carnage which unfortunately involved one of our favorites, Ross Edgar, take a closer look:

At first, it was a rather innocent looking keirin match. Of course, keirin matches can be vicious, violent and ultimately very dangerous. Most of the worst crashes in track cycling happen during a keirin. So there he was, Pierre Bernard Esterhuizen of South Africa in action.

Pierre was cycling dangerously close to Edgar then bang.. the crash happened while Peter Mitchell of England manages to safely pass unharmed. I haven’t found a decent video of the event yet, but based on what we saw, the fault primarily lies with the South African rider but as some readers have pointed out, this could also be faulted to Shane Perkins who was ahead of them– this being the reason Perkins was booted from the race.

(Ok, we finally got ourselves a video thanks to a friend who screengrabbed the whole commonwealth cycling events, and after thorough review, we can’t seem to find the reason why Perkins was disqualified. He apparently didn’t go into the red line so we still don’t know why. If the organizers thought Perko used some reckless tactics, reviewing the video doesn’t prove that also. So, we think it’s unfair the ‘Perko’ got booted from the race. Either way, he shouldn’t have made the 2 finger salute, but that’s entirely another point.)

Then the aftermath. Ross Edgar doesn’t look too happy while Pierre looks relieved to have survived the incident with just a few abrasions and hopefully, without a fracture. Somehow, the response of the Indian Emergency team was prompt and while not perfect, was just enough for the incident.


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