Track Cycling Events Vol. 5: The Commonwealth Games

6 Oct

It’s been flying under the radar these past few days but the 2010 Commonwealth Games is currently underway in Delhi, India. It’s been a tumultuous month for India as they host what is probably the most controversial Commonwealth Games yet. If you try to search for articles regarding this year’s games, the negative articles are just overwhelming. Athletes pulling out, safety and health issues, etc. Not only that, in the track cycling arena, some athletes have pulled out not only because of the health and safety concerns, but because of other commitments, and this includes the disappointing absence of Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton who decided to join the European Track Champs to be eligible for the Olympics. Still, track cycling receives arguably better handling in the Commonwealth than in the Olympics, as they continued to retain the time trials which has been abandoned in the Olympics.

So what are the events to look out for? For the Men’s category we have the:

  • Individual and team pursuit
  • Individual and team sprint
  • Points
  • Scratch
  • Keirin
  • 1 km time trial.

For the women’s category:

  • Individual pursuit
  • Individual and Team sprint
  • Points
  • Scratch
  • 500m time trial.

Perhaps the strongest cycling team this year will have to be the Australian team and it’s actually a safe bet that they’d dominate this years games. New Zealand will probably come a very close second.  In fact, the first games have already been won by Australians: Jack Bobridge, Scott Sunderland and Anna Meares. It’s going to be a pretty exciting week, though we’re a bit bummed as to the absence of the top British cyclists, and we can’t help but shake the feeling that the previous Commonwealth Games featured a much more exciting roster of athletes, and despite India managing to pull off the games for the first few days, there are still negative issues constantly knocking on the door (including serious delays in some track cycling events). Nonetheless, we wish the very best for the athletes especially to our bets, the Australian and New Zealand track cycling team. We just wished we were there.


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