Blast from the Past Part 3

5 Oct

It’s time to travel back in the past and rediscover the joys of cycling from the time when the internet and social networking were just wild ideas. Photo credits from Pat Benson and We can’t seem to remember our very first exposure to track cycling. Kean is quite sure though that he has seen some footage way back when he was just 6 years old, while Anna thinks her parents brought her to a track race. Irregardless of that, these vintage scans and photos are a sight to behold and can easily bring a smile to the velodrome fanatic.

Here’s a scan of a magazine from way back in 1970s. Based on the title of the cover, it seems Americans underwent a period of significant growth for the sport of cycling and biking in general. We can’t seem to find the original article for this though, or find related articles as to the growth of the sport during this specific decade.

The above photos show a 1980s (or late 70s) article on track cycling featuring the French track cycling team wearing what we assume is a skinsuit made of primarily latex materials which BTW is still in use today but modified to make it more breathable.

Well, we won’t deny it, but we found this cycling sports cards back in the late 1970s and 80s quite charming and very informative. We wished the sport was as more mysterious and curious as it was before, but I guess track cycling never really caught the eye of the majority of the Americans. Until now, it remains a niche sport and we absolutely love it.


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