Know your Track Cyclists Vol. 4: Local American Edition

26 Sep

Track cycling ain’t really that popular here in the States, but it does have a solid fan base. The athletes aren’t as ridiculously popular as Chris Hoy nor as exceptional or as good as their European counterparts, but they nevertheless post solid performances in their humble careers. You see, this is how some people see American track cycling. It’s quiet, reserved, a niche market if you put it that way. Of course, this isn’t true for all, but the track cycling community here is one that’s bound by collegiality, friendship and sportsmanship so it’s really an admirable sport. So we introduce you some track cyclists who made this sport exciting to watch. You may have already heard of Giddeon Massie, and our encounters with the local track cyclists are rather limited making this shortlist a rather biased list to the ones we know and have personal encounters with.

1) Adam Duvendeck: One of our favorite cyclists who, along with Giddeon Massie are the bigger names in the sport as far as America is concerned. He is a formidable sprinter with an equally gorgeous physique and looks very slick in a skinsuit. We haven’t seen him lately in the local track as he now does some coaching stuff. Still, the stuff of near legends.

2) Andy Lakatosh: Together with Giddeon Massie (pictured above) they make the most formidable tandem in the track. Both athletes are just a joy to watch in tandem track race. As sprinters, each cyclist can carve a name for his own. Andy is a natural sprinter and his body looks well built for sprinting (those thighs can challenge the Germans!)

3) Ben Barczewski: It simply is too hard to type his name without copy pasting ok. But anyway, Having Ben in the track makes the event really exciting. Equally exciting as Giddeon and Andy as tandem is Ben and Ryan Nelman (featured below and above photo) as a tandem. Both are sprinters and can deliver fantastic speeds in tandem track racing.

Featured in this photo is from left to right: Ben Barczewski, Michael Blatchford, and Ryan Nelman. All amazing track cyclists homegrown locally.

4) Ryan Nelman: As we’ve pointed out, Ben and Ryan make a fantastic tandem team. Even when they’re playing solo, Ryan’s presence surely brings excitement to the track. He might look too big to wear a skinsuit but his tempered body seems to be the source for all that power and he doesn’t look too bad while wearing skinsuits.

So yeah, we’re a bit biased here. Track cycling isn’t as big an event as it is in Europe (or as it should be), and the most exciting races are those in your local area. Our favorite ones happen to be the ones in Trexlertown (T-town) for the Tandemonium event. If you put it in easier to swallow terms, American track cyclists are the ‘indies’ in the sport of track cycling. And we meant that in a very very positive light. We love the small community feel of the sport here and nearly everyone knows everyone, or just about everyone.


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