Know Your Track Cyclists Vol. 3: Euro Edition

18 Sep

You will probably have seen these cyclists already in this blog or elsewhere but don’t know their names or their nationality, so we’re going to feature this time the European track cyclists. They may not be at the top of the game yet, but these cyclists show incredible promise.

1) Tobias Wachter: You might be wondering “Oh well, here’s yet another BIG German track cyclist with massive musculature”. But really, this one’s quite different. Tobias started on the track quite young and already trained with the other BIG guys who are well older than him. He is a young and very promising track cyclist, who may well be the key to Germany’s future in the sport.

2) Benjamin Wittmann: Don’t let his size fool you. This guy may be small, but he’s terribly fast in the track. Yet another German track cyclist who started very early in the track, he showed incredible promising by winning in a lot of junior and senior events. He also managed to get in the Team Erdgas track cycling team with their totally rad skinsuit design previously featured.

3) Roy Van Den Berg: Here’s a Dutch track cyclist who is actually quite prominent solely because of his massive, tatooed body. Well, he’s not the only track cyclist who sports a tattoo (Jamie Staff has one) but he actually looks very sexy with his shirt off because of that tattoo. He’s also one of the few who races both track and BMX which is really totally cool.

4) Yondi Schmidt: He’s a Dutch road and track cyclist who started his cycling career very early at the age of 9. He’s also quite notable for the support he’s getting from his own family and friends who helped him join events and races. While not a household name in the sport, he is quite a promising track cyclist.

5) Itmar Esteban: Spain isn’t really the hottest country for track cycling, but they actually produce some good athletes in the sport. One of these is Itmar Esteban who is a cyclist for the Catalunya track team. He manages to perform quite well in the events though he has never dominated in the sport, and his performance might actually encourage the Spanish athletes to take up track cycling.


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