The Power Start

15 Sep

Our photo of the day showed Craig MacLean in a vicious looking standing start. Here are some other photographs featuring some violent and twisted faces during a 1km time trial sprint. Yes, track cycling can be a violent sport in a way that the violence is directed towards oneself, that is the track cyclist himself. Muscles rip and roar, joints and bones crackle as the track cyclist sprints.

Alois Kankovsky of the Czech republic, sticks his tongue out as if to relish the wonderful experience of a sprint.

Ahmed Lopez of Cuba while sticking his tongue seems to taste an otherwordly presence in the track.

Carsten Bergemann of Germany grits his teeth in a very painful looking expression.

Francois Pervis of France approaches the sprint experience with an open mouth.

Theo Bos tries to blow off all the air as much as he could.

Australian track cycling legend, Shane Kelly loves the taste of a well defined sprint.

Stefan Nimke puts up a very pained expression just like his fellow German track cyclist Carsten Bergemann

Arnaud Tournant, French track cycling legend seems to enjoy this.

But British track cycling legend, Chris Hoy puts them all to shame with a very powerful and angry expression.


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