Skinsuit by Design Vol. 3

14 Sep

It was quite inevitable that we would return to feature this radically designed skinsuit for German track cycling team, Erdgas. It simply is irresistible. However, it is an acquired taste. You will either hate the garish design or love its intricate artwork. For us, we love how over the top it is yet at the same time minimalist if that makes any sense at all. Besides, white skinsuits are extremely sexy and is quite possibly the most revealing of skinsuits.

The first thing you’ll notice is the intricate patterns in the skinsuit. Surprisingly for a European cycling team, the skinsuit has eastern elements in the design. And by that we mean the dragons. That isn’t to say dragons are uniquely Eastern but if you take a look at the Dragon pattern, its heavily Eastern influenced. Not only that, the colors are a striking mix of dark, bright, and neutral colors. If you also take a moment to examine there is a dragon head pattern in the crotch area which, is quite possibly very..umm… shall we say, suggestive. We’ll return to that in a moment.

The above photos show some variations in the skinsuits. (FYI the cyclists above are Carsten Bergemann, and Benjamin Wittmann) Despite the mesmerizing dragon pattern, the skinsuit design retains its minimalist roots. By that, we mean that the design as a whole doesn’t look messy. The dragon pattern isn’t just splattered anywhere but rather is localized in the shoulder and upper extremities and in the crotch and thigh areas. The other areas of the skinsuit is plain white with some team and sponsor labels (which otherwise ruin its minimalistic design). As we said earlier the dragon head pattern in the crotch area is quite very effective in camouflaging or perhaps hiding a visible bulge. Now, this could mean a good thing for cyclists who seem to have difficulties hiding their well endowed bulge, but bad news for those who want to show off their junk or for those fetishists who fancy bulges. Despite the effective camouflaging, make no mistake white skinsuits are very revealing and is quite embarrassing if the skinsuit gets wet since it becomes a see through apparel. Not only that white skinsuits tend to show more visible bulges. This skinsuit also manages to wrap the cyclist very well though this skinsuit might look good only on bigger cyclists which the Germans are.

All in all we really dig this skinsuit design. Then again, this isn’t for everyone. It may be too flashy for some or too distracting for others. But we really love this design and wished we could get our hands on one of these skinsuits. The unique and pleasant combination of both the garish and the minimalist make this one stand out among the skinsuit designs.

The above photos show the design in team kit form with cycling jersey and bib shorts. We believe this design is a real breakthrough in skinsuit design. Gone are the days when designs were made of simple geometries with horrible color themes, or overly ridiculous designs plastered haphazardly over the skinsuit.


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