Know Your Track Cyclists Vol. 2: Kiwi Edition

13 Sep

We haven’t really featured the Kiwis as much as we had hoped. After all we had the opportunity to be with them for quite a time and it was a lot of fun dealing with these guys maybe because most if not all of them are young track cyclists. Not only that, despite their youth, they have managed to make considerable progress in international track cycling events and now, New Zealand is a formidable team in the track cycling world. The upcoming Commonwealth Games is a very exciting time for us who are excited to see the Kiwis in the velodrome. In addition, the Kiwis skinsuit color theme is black which is really really slick. This team is really close to our hearts and being with them is amazingly fun as there’s never a dull moment with their endless jokes and antics. Their youthful spirit is quite infectious indeed.

The Kiwis are naturally big especially the sprinters. And when we mean big, they’re like one of the biggest bunch among the track cyclists. To introduce them, from L-R, Eddie Dawkins, Sam Webster, Ethan Mitchell, and Simon van Velthooven. We’d like to add another track cyclist: Myron Simpson later in the list.

In the above photo we have (L-R): Ethan Mitchell, Sam Webster and German track cyclist Carsten Bergemann (who BTW if you notice is really really tall, and big)

In this photo we have from L-R: Eddie Dawkins, Simon van Velthooven and Adam Stewart. Adam Stewart was recently removed from the New Zealand Track Cycling Team for the Commonwealth Games as he was issued a 2 year ban after attempted doping which is quite sad really as he was a promising track cyclist. Check out more of the story HERE. Now let’s move on to the individual cyclists:

1) Sam Webster: Among the Kiwi track cyclists, we consider Sam Webster to be the most promising of them all. He has achieved so much in the past few events that he might possibly be New Zealand’s best sprint track cyclist.

2) Eddie Dawkins: He’s the big boy of NZ. Well, he’s the biggest among the Kiwis, I mean, look at all that muscle. And this guy weighs more or less 90 kg and looks too big for his bike. But hidden behind all that hulking muscle mass is the sheer power needed for the sprint which makes him one of the most promising track cyclists out there. And despite him being too big, he looks quite good in a skinsuit.

3) Simon Van Velthooven: yet another big Kiwi track cyclist. Other people have mistaken him for Eddie Dawkins since they have a rather similar body build, but make no mistake, Simon is as muscular as Eddie and weighs about 90kg too. Still, another promising track cyclist. A team sprint consisting of Webster, Dawkins, and van Velthooven will indeed be very formidable.

4) Ethan Mitchell: Ok, here’s yet another big Kiwi. Ethan may occasionally be shadowed by Sam Webster and Eddie Dawkins’ successes but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold a candle on his own. In fact, he has managed to perform remarkably well in individual events. Another promising track cyclist who looks quite sexy in the black skinsuit.

5) Myron Simpson: Finally a Kiwi track cyclist who doesn’t look like he’s swallowed a cow whole. In the last photo Myron is with fellow Kiwi Tom Scully. Myron Simpson is another promising track cyclist and has made a name for himself in several sprint events. He may be a bit smaller and leaner compared to the other Kiwis but he can sprint quite well and relies on speed rather than power.


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