Know your Track Cyclists Vol. 1

13 Sep

By now, all of you will probably be familiar with the top track cyclists or you may want to review the list of the top sprint cyclists in a previous blog post. Or you may review our featured track cyclists in our Track Cyclist of the Day Feature and in our Photo and Video of the Day Feature. If you’re lucky enough to attend a track cycling event with the top cyclists, you will surely be entertained. You may want to check out the event ahead to see if any of the top track cyclists are attending. Upcoming high profile track events include the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games, although the current top track cycling star, Chris Hoy, has opted to join the European Championships instead of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. If you’re curious to know who are the other track cyclists to look out for, here’s a partial list:

1) Stefan Nimke: A German track cyclist who is both an Olympic and UCI World Track Champion. He belongs to the older group of track cyclists but that does not make him any slower than the younger ones. In fact, he is still one of the best sprinters from Germany. I can’t point out exactly why but German track cyclists happen to have bigger and muscular builds compared to the other track cyclists.

2) Carsten Bergemann: Yet another BIG track cyclist from Germany. He is quite possibly the tallest and biggest track cyclist out there with his weight possibly approaching or even reaching beyond the 100kg mark. He is also one of the older track cyclists but then again this does not mean anything at all and he has won several gold medals in the sprint disciplines in the Track World Cup.

3) François Pervis: A French track cyclist specializing in the sprints. Together with Gregory Bauge, Kevin Sireau and Michael D’Almeida, they form the formidable French track cycling sprint team. Not only that, he is one of the sexiest track cyclists out there along with Michael D’Almeida.  Definitely one to look out for in the track.

4) Zachary Bell: While Canada has not made a strong impression on the track cycling world, this young track cyclist might be the key to Canada’s future in the sport. Zach Bell’s impressive performances in the track make him a promising track cyclist from a country otherwise thought to be an underdog in the sport. In addition to that, Zach is pretty hot too and looks good in a skinsuit.

5) Giddeon Massie: You guys may be wondering, where are the Americans? Have we not produced good track cyclists? Well, the answer to that is yes and no. Yes, we have good track cyclists but no, they aren’t at the level of the top cyclists… yet. Perhaps the most promising one is Giddeon Massie. He’s been riding the track for quite some time now and usually dominates the local track events. Internationally however, Giddeon is just… a contender. A strong one at that mind you. And he’s actually one of the sexier track cyclists out there. So that’s definitely a plus.


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