In Remembrance

11 Sep

It is that time of the year again when we remember and commemorate what had happened on this day 9 years ago. The event still echoes in our hearts as if it was only yesterday. We cannot forget what had happened that day. It simply is too difficult to forget. At the time the event happened it was around 6 or 7 am in Seattle. Kean was completely unaware yet of the events until around 3 hours later as he was too busy jogging in the woods. Anna meanwhile was preparing breakfast while watching the TV and actually wasn’t able to finish making it as she was too shocked watching the events unfold live on national TV. When Kean returned (drenched in sweat and dirt) he too was unable to contain his shock as he watched the endless replays on national TV (and never bothered to change or take a bath). There was a short moment of panic as we attempted to call friends and relatives in New York but our calls just wouldn’t connect. The 24 hours that passed were truly harrowing, sad and depressing. Our neighbor broke down in tears as she first received a call from her husband in New York. Everyone gathered in her house and started praying. One by one, news of our friends and relatives finally came and we felt both relief and sadness. Yes, that day was forever etched in our hearts and minds.

And to commemorate this day with nationalistic pride and spirit. Here’s a well made cycling skinsuit featuring the colors and design of the American flag. Yes, there are quite a handful of these similarly themed skinsuits, but this one stands out as the best. Simple, clean and very striking. It actually feels ‘Captain American-ish’ (Now if someone would just give him a shield)


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