Track Cyclist of the Day: Theo Bos, Teun Mulder, Tim Veldt

9 Sep

We’ve featured French, British, Greek, Australian and even a Malaysian track cyclist but no Dutch track cyclist? This was one question a friend emailed to us. Not only that, the most popular posts in this blog happen to feature Dutch track cyclists. It was inevitable then that we had to feature a Dutch track cyclist. But we also had to do something different, and in this feature we’re not going to talk about one Dutch track cyclist, not even two, but three Dutch track cyclists in one massive article! As you may have guessed by now, based on the title of this blog post and the photo above, we’re going to feature Theo Bos, Teun Mulder, and Tim Veldt.

One of the reasons why it was apparently hard for us to feature the Dutch was because of our limited experience with them. Our encounters with the Dutch were limited to hand shakes, short chit chats and a couple of interviews. That doesn’t mean they’re not an approachable bunch, no in fact Tim Veldt and Teun Mulder are one of the nicest persons we have met. Very accomodating, and friendly that despite the language barrier we understood ourselves. We didn’t get to spend more time with Theo Bos unfortunately since he was usually hogged by the press and his multitude of fans. Still, despite our very limited time with them, we can say a lot about them and it’s mostly positive.

Theo Bos, the Dutch track cyclist who single-handedly placed the Netherlands in the map of track cycling excellence. Theo Bos is perhaps the greatest track cyclist the Dutch have produced. His career highlights is nothing short of breathtaking. He won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the sprint event. He won an individual gold in the sprint at the 2004 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. The following year, he won the individual sprint and a silver medal in the team sprint at the 2005 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. At the 2006 UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Bos won the keirin and completed a triple, having been world champion in the sprint, kilo and keirin . He won the keirin after accelerating with two laps to go, winning by a wide margin and able to raise his hands and salute the crowd as he passed the finish line. His French rival, and bronze medal winner, Arnaud Tournant, said Bos’ performance was “the best I’ve seen in a very long time.”

On 16 December 2006, Bos broke the world 200m track record during qualification rounds for the sprint at a World Cup meeting in Moscow. Bos clocked 9.772 seconds (after a computer initially had given him an unlikely 9.086 seconds) and beat the 11-year record held by Canadian Curt Harnett. Bos declared the 200m the “ultimate record” for track cyclists. Five days later Bos was elected Dutch Sportsman of the year. Bos’s record was beaten by Frenchman Kévin Sireau at the Moscow Grand Prix on 29 May 2009 with 9.65 seconds.

Yes, his achievements are the stuff of legends. Before the rise of Chris Hoy, Theo Bos was the man to beat. He reigned the track cycling world and the other track cyclists trained to beat him. Which actually makes his fall a bit sadder than it actually is. During the final days of Theo Bos’ career in track cycling, he was thoroughly trounced by the other track cyclists most notably by the British track cyclists, and even by his teammates. But let’s put that topic at hand for the moment.

Here’s a photo of Theo Bos in the early days of his track cycling career wearing the old Rabobank Dutch team kit. Take note of that hairstyle of his, that shaggy hair and wet look. We missed those days of Theo Bos in the track looking so fresh and model-like. His build is that of an ectomorph, with lean yet well built muscles. His overall physique looks less athletic as compared to say his other sprinters, Chris Hoy, Arnaud Tournant. And in this aspect lies Theo Bos’ unique characteristic. An ectomorphic build with less defined muscle mass: a lean body that’s built for speed rather than for power as compared to the other mesomorphic track sprinters. Whereas other track cyclists do heavy strength training to build their muscles so they can produce raw power, Theo Bos produces less power, but more speed by nature of his build. And the results? Spectacular. His skill in maneuvering that bike while achieving insane speeds was his trademark in his glory days of track cycling. If you’ve seen our previous featured videos, you can see Theo Bos going toe to toe with Bauge and you can see his skill in maneuvering that bike while at the same time achieving speeds to make a spectacular recovery in the end for a photo finish. We missed those days of Theo Bos doing that in the track.

In the above photos taken later in his cycling career, Theo Bos now sports a cleaner hair cut which he maintains until today. He arguably looks better with this look and a friend of ours actually compared him to Hollywood star Leonardo di Caprio. Well, there are some similarities and if ever there’d be a Hollywood movie about Theo Bos, he should be played by di Caprio, except that Bos is lean. Theo Bos actually looks lean in photographs but he actually has a bit more of a muscular build in person. Not excessively muscular but you can still identify him as a sprint cyclist because of a well developed thigh and rigid torso and upper extremities. During the last days of his track cycling, Theo Bos gained some weight and added more muscles through a different training regimen. Until now, no one can really say if this was the reason he performed poorly in the later part of his career.

The above photos show Theo Bos physique. The last and first photo was taken during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, his last major track cycling event. You might notice that he actually has well developed muscles most especially in the upper extremities and his thighs have significantly become muscular as compared to his earlier days in the sport. And Theo Bos is really sweating it out in the rollers!

If you’ve been following this blog for the past few weeks, you’ll have already encountered the photos above. These were taken during a photo shoot for Dutch athletes for the Olympics 2008. We have not seen the final output unfortunately. Theo Bos is a natural at this. He can model quite well. He has the looks and the body to boot. If you remember during his rise in the sport, photographs of him modeling naked spread like wildfire in the web. Of course, Theo Bos didn’t make a comment even though the papers devoured the story for a few days. Whether the photos were true or not nobody has given solid proof of it.

We won’t deny it. We miss Theo Bos in the track. As you may have already known Theo Bos has switched to road racing in a last ditch effort to salvage his career as some people pointed out. Theo Bos himself told reporters that if he’s n0t going to make it well in road racing, then that would be the end of his cycling career. So young, yet already deciding how his career is already going to end? Not quite cool, if you ask us. But still, it cannot be denied, Theo Bos is a legend in the world of track cycling.

So how is Theo Bos in the road? He has some ups and downs, and we can tell that he is actually happy with his career choice. However, he has also become famous for the wrong reasons. On 19 April 2009, Bos was in a controversial crash in the final 800m of the final stage of the Tour of Turkey. Bos apparently caused the crash of the eventual winner Daryl Impey by grabbing Impey’s left shoulder with his right hand. Impey crashed to the left, into the barrier, next to Bos. Bos admitted pushing Impey. Bos claimed the reason for pushing Impey was because Impey was moving in on him while he was already close to the fence. Bos was disqualified and fined. On 1 May 2009 the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) said “Bos’s behavior undermined the image, reputation and interests of cycling”. Bos was charged with an infringement and was brought before a UCI disciplinary hearing in which he was found guilty of violating UCI regulations. Bos was subsequently suspended from professional racing from 15 August through 14 September 2009. In the off season before 2010 Bos signed with the Cervelo Test Team, that included former Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre. He was touted as another addition to their sprint team. He raced in many smaller races, and some large ones including Paris-Roubaix and the Vuelta a España. With the Cervelo Test Team folding, Bos is returning to the Rabobank team, where he raced as a Continental.

So that wraps up our feature on Theo Bos, let’s move on to the next Dutch track cyclist: Teun Mulder. Teun Mulder has arguably replaced Theo Bos as the front runner for the Dutch track cycling team. While the Netherlands track cycling team has lost some luster after the loss of Theo Bos, Teun Mulder has managed to keep the team afloat almost single-handedly. He may not be one of the top sprint cyclists but he is without a doubt a formidable sprint cyclist who can go one on one with the other champions and still give a superb performance.

As you might have already guessed, yes, Teun Mulder is yet another example of a track cyclist with an ectomorphic mesomorph build. A combination of both the lean and muscular common in sprint cyclists. This combination affords Teun Mulder both speed and power. You can already tell with his well developed thighs and torso as well as leaner upper extremities and a muscular chest. This is typical of track sprint cyclists. Not only that, Teun actually is almost a perfect combination of both ectomorph and mesomorph. And this almost perfect combination makes him look undeniably good in a skinsuit. In fact, he is one of the track cyclists we consider to look amazing in a skinsuit.

Teun Mulder’s performance and career highlights are befitting of his title as Netherland’s top sprint cyclist. He has joined in almost every major track cycling event for the past few years and has excelled and won in a couple of them beating the likes of other world champions. His potent combination of speed and power significantly helps him in sprint and time trial events.

We can also actually say this: Teun Mulder is a genuinely nice person! He is the only high profile track cyclist whom we had the pleasure to ride together with. He is very approachable, friendly, has a very good sense of humor, warm, and accomodating. In fact, it was quite a surprise for us when he was the one who approached us during one of the track cycling events we attended. Not only that, we can’t forget Teun Mulder because he can’t seem to hide his emotions. He cries for every victory and can’t stop thanking his team with endless hugs and thank you’s. Well, yeah, he is quite the bromantic type and his relationships with his coach, former track cyling star Rene Wolff, is a good example of bromance. Teun also displays an amazing passion for the sport as well as sportsmanship and collegiality for his fellow track cyclists.

Well, we told you Teun Mulder loves bromantic moments right? Yeah, there’s lots of hugging, fist pumping, shoulder punching here and even manly kisses! Well, if you’re anywhere near Teun Mulder during a victory, you can actually get a free hug from him like we did while he’s still in a skinsuit! Such an accomodating person! So that pretty much wraps up our part on Teun Mulder, and now we move on to the next and last track cyclist and that is Tim Veldt. Since we’re talking about Teun and Tim, then let’s once again present this photo which until today remains the most popular photo in this blog:

In the photo above, you can see both our featured track cyclists: Teun Mulder and Tim Veldt. I’m not quite sure though why this photo is so well loved by our readers but even we are drawn to this photo for reasons we cannot actually explain yet. It’s perhaps the very well shot and composed photo of both cyclists or that both track cyclists look extremely good in those skinsuits. Either way, we also love that photo. Now back to the topic at hand: Tim Veldt. Of the three featured track cyclists, Tim is the youngest. Not only that, of the three, Tim is the leanest and tallest. And since Theo Bos has exited the sport, Tim along with Teun carry the burden of putting the Netherlands back in the spotlight.

You might have already encountered Tim Veldt in this blog before and it is in the recent blog post about lean track cyclists. So we’re going to recycle some things here. As you can see Tim Veldt is, yes, an ectomorph. But if you’re going to see him in person, you’ll be surprised that he’s not as lean as he looks in the photos. In fact, he’s a bit more muscular with a well muscled chest and torso but with leaner thighs and upper extremities. Tim is a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph. Despite that, Tim is specializing in the sprints and actually performs well. One might think his physique is well suited to endurance racing and that might be true but Tim surprisingly performs beyond expectations in the sprints.

We also mentioned before that among the lean track cyclists, Tim Veldt is the best looking one in a skinsuit. We might go as far to say that he is perhaps the only lean track cyclist who looks good in a skinsuit. His body has very good proportions that his height complements his body build. Off camera, his thighs actually look more muscular compared to other ectomorphic track cyclists which is probably one of the reasons why he excels in the sprints. A good combination of power and speed which can be accomplished with an ectomorphic mesomorph build.

In the above photos you can see Tim Veldt during the early days of his track cycling career still sporting that shaggy hairstyle. Along with Theo Bos, Tim has abandoned that hairstyle for a cleaner more aerodynamic look he has presently. So how does Tim Veldt perform? We’ve mentioned earlier in the post that Tim along with Teun carry in their shoulders the burden of bringing the Netherlands back in the spotlight. That’s already saying much about his performance. He has managed to surprise a lot of people by winning in a lot of sprint events.

As a person, Tim Veldt is quite much like Teun Mulder although a bit more serious. He is very accomodating, friendly, and approachable. We managed to have a few minutes talk with him and he seems to be a genuinely nice person. Well, that’s about as much as we can say about him because we haven’t really spent more time with Tim. Hopefully, when we return to the velodrome, we can interact with him more as he seems to be a very promising track cyclist and Anna considers him a hottie. (Anna likes tall cyclists) while Kean wants to discover his secret of maintaining a lean yet muscular body to achieve both speed and power. (You see, Kean is a mesomorph as you might have seen in our photos and he loves the gym sessions)

So that wraps up our feature on Tim Veldt and for this blog post which is without a doubt the longest blog post yet. A massive feature like this is one of our ways to show our appreciation for all the viewers and readers of this blog. So thank you for following us since the birth of this blog. So we now take a final look at our featured Dutch track cyclists.

Now, which of these Dutch track cyclists do you like best?


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