The Lean Track Cyclist

7 Sep

If you’re carefully perusing this blog, you’ll realize that track cyclists usually have muscular and athletic bodies. This is especially true for sprinters. But then again, this is only a very vague generality. In fact, if you’ve read previous posts, track cyclists are a combination of both the ectomorph and the mesomorph, or a mix of the lean and the muscular. Rarely will you see, however, a true ectomorph track cyclist specializing in sprints. Ectomorphic track cyclists are usually seen in endurance events and you’ll immediately notice the stark contrast between their bodies and those that of sprinters. But there are notable exceptions.

The track cyclist featured in the above photos is American track cyclist Taylor Phinney. He is without a doubt the definitive example of an ectomorph track cyclist. But here’s a surprise, he actually excels in the sprint events alongside the muscular mesomorphs. Not only that, Taylor is tall. Perhaps the tallest track cyclist we have seen, people actually compare him to a stick. Taylor also looks leaner in photographs but actually he’s a bit muscular in person.

Now, the photos above are that of Dutch track cyclist Tim Veldt. Now, Tim Veldt isn’t actually a true ectomorph as compared to Taylor Phinney but he actually looks lean in photos. In actuality though, Tim Veldt is rather muscular and tall. Still, compared to other sprint cyclists, Tim is leaner, and has a mix of an ectomorphic and mesomorphic build. His thighs aren’t that big nor well defined and his upper extremities aren’t muscular as well. His torso and chest however is that of a mesomorph, with well defined and hard muscles. Oh, and quite possibly, among the track cyclists with ectomorphic builds, only Tim Veldt looks good in a skinsuit. Some lean track cyclists actually look awkward in a skinsuit. Try to take a look at Taylor Phinney above or that team photo of the British cyclists at the top of this post.

These photos of British track cyclists are other good examples of ectomorphic builds among track cyclists. Do take note that these cyclists specialize in team pursuit, an endurance event in track cycling. Such an event usually require track cyclists with more endurance rather than heavy strength training thus ectomorphic builds are suited for this kind of event.


3 Responses to “The Lean Track Cyclist”

  1. Nick September 8, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    It’s a shame you didn’t mention Theo Bos, a three times World Champion Sprint. He’s a classic example of a lean cyclist if you ask me. Admittedly he got bigger after his training regime shifted to more weights and less speed in response to the British Cycling team, but at that stage his dominion started to deteriorate.

    For the rest, keep up the good work!

    • The Fixed Gear September 8, 2010 at 8:20 am #

      Yes, of course, Theo Bos is quite possibly the best performing lean track cyclist. However, during his final years in track cycling he put on a lot of weight and decided to go for the heavy strength training route. We don’t really know if this was detrimental to his career or whether this resulted to his poor performance in his last major track cycling event (Beijing Olympics).

  2. LK September 8, 2010 at 6:57 am #

    This post is wonderful … I love the leaner guys.

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