7 Sep

In the broadest sense of the word, this blog is still in its infancy. We delivered what we intended from the start and we did what we could in the limited time that was given to us for this blog. Now, thanks to wordpress we have a plethora of stats to peruse and the data is rather interesting. Of course, we’ve already known the types of audience we have, but still it was quite a revelation.

We’ve been live for around 25 days, and in that span of time, we have received more than 11,000 hits. Most of these come from referrals from other sites and blogs, most notably Lycrakeen, Wetsuitlads, Outsports, and a couple of other sites. We thank these sites for making our presence known to their readers and subscribers. We have also recently reached our 100th post 2 days ago, and felt it wouldn’t have been possible were it not for our readers and subscribers.

So let’s break it down. I don’t know if a lot of people know this but all the photos are clickable to link to a larger  or full sized photo. WordPress stats also track the most popular clicks. So here are the most popular photos.

Notice anything similar? Both photos have Dutch track cyclist, Tim Veldt. Not only that the photos show the cyclist in a similar position and that is sitting down with legs wide open.

Another popular photo is this one featuring Dutch track cyclist Theo Bos performing stretching exercises and maneuvers.

This photo of Teun Mulder is also a very popular one and happenst to be the most popular ‘photo of the day’ post. It seems our readers fancy Dutch track cyclists so we decided to feature them in a future post.

Among the popular posts, the notable ones include our feature on German cyclist Robert Forstemann and on track cyclists’ photo shoots. The Links page also enjoys a significant amount of popularity among our readers.

So… 25 days… well, these are just mere stats and we’re happy to have delivered what we wanted with this blog. The challenge now is for us to continue doing this as we are now actively pursuing our personal goals.


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