Skinsuit by Design Vol. I

3 Sep

A skinsuit’s design can make or break the look of a track cyclist. Not only that, skinsuits generally are designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and the technology is quite expensive as newer skinsuits make use of extensive research and wind tunnel testing. Over the years, the designs have changed radically, not only with the materials used but also with the look itself. Now this brings us to the topic at hand. Skinsuit designs. And by designs, we mean the look and not the technology. We’re also interested in the technology but that is suited for another highly technical article which we cannot cover in this blog due to lack of knowledge about the physics of the sport. We choose to feature this skinsuit design made for British track cyclists for the Sydney Olympics nearly 10 years ago as this still remains as one of our favorite designs.

We love the color theme used. Blue with red lines and some white areas. There’s also an elaborate pattern at the back which is one of the most distinctive features of this skinsuit. The look is minimalist, clean, and pleasing to the eye.

We also love the way it snugly fits the track cyclists body like a second skin. We haven’t seen this skinsuit with our own eyes but the materials used looks smooth and thin enough to wrap the cyclists body comfortably. Not only that, the cyclists look good with this skinsuit: color scheme, the fit, and the cut. It makes the track cyclist actually look even better no matter the build.

Until now, we still consider this the best looking skinsuit the British track cycling team has ever worn. Too bad, this skinsuit hasn’t resurfaced nor has been used in years. There really is something about the blue color that is distinctive and pleasing to the eye most especially when used as the base color for a skinsuit. Scotland’s team kits has always used the blue color and their skinsuit has always looked good.

In action the cyclists look even better with this skinsuit. The blue color looks like a second skin as if the skin has been painted on. This allows the muscles to look very well defined and the body to display all the beautiful shapes and curves.

This is perhaps the last appearance of this skinsuit. This is Chris Hoy’s world record attempt at La Paz, Bolivia. After that event, I haven’t seen this skinsuit used anywhere else. Despite that, we still consider this skinsuit as one of our favorites.


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