Ergogenic Effects of Caffeinated Sports Drinks

3 Sep

Ergogenic Effects pertain to enhancement of performance. Ergogenic aids may directly influence the physiological capacity of a particular body system thereby improving performance, remove psychological constraints which impact performance, and/or increase the speed of recovery from training and competition.

Studies about caffeinated sports drinks usually involve its ergogenic effects. As of now, several sports authorities have placed limits on the amount of caffeine an athlete can take and in some sports, are even grounds for disqualification. The different sports organization have come to an agreement based on several studies that caffeine may indeed improve and enhance athlete performance that may deliver an unfair advantage.

In 2007 a study which involved a double-blind experiment examined the effects of a caffeinated sports drink during prolonged cycling in a warm environment. Sixteen highly trained cyclists completed 3 trials: placebo, carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink (CES), and caffeinated sports drink (CES+CAF). Subjects cycled for 135 min, alternating between 60% and 75% VO2max every 15 min for the first 120 min, followed by a 15-min performance ride. Maximal voluntary (MVC) and electrically evoked contractile properties of the knee extensors were measured before and after cycling.

Work completed during the performance ride was 15-23% greater for CES+CAF than for the other beverages. Ratings of perceived exertion were lower with CES+CAF than with placebo and CES. After cycling, the MVC strength loss was two-thirds less for CES+CAF than for the other beverages (5% vs. 15%). Data from the interpolated-twitch technique indicated that attenuated strength loss with CES+CAF was explained by reduced intrinsic muscle fatigue


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