Track Cyclist of the Day: Kevin Stewart

31 Aug

We’re finally back to this segment and today we’re going to feature a track cyclist a lot of you don’t know yet. We decided to feature him because of all the young track cyclists we have encountered in, in our humble opinion, he has the greatest potential. We’re talking about Scottish track cyclist, 19 year old Kevin Stewart. One of the youngest track cyclists to go toe to toe with elite track cyclists and still perform remarkably well. Kevin’s story is quite close to our hearts as we have generally liked fresh and new talents more so with those who hold great promise.

So, Kevin Stewart. You might not have heard that name indeed. But let’s do a profile rundown of this guy. He initially started in triathlon since his dad is a triathlete who often went to the extremes. During his time with the sport, Kevin noted that he performed extremely well in the cycling part but not so with the running and swimming. Kevin soon grew tired of the sport and when a cycling club was started in Dundee to help encourage youngsters to get involved in track racing, the Discovery Junior Cycling Club, Kevin popped along to see what was on offer. Kevin decided to go with the track cycling discipline because he was big and was never good with endurance. From there, Kevin’s track cycling career began and to everyone’s surprise, he performed exceptionally well even during his first few races. He was considered a cycling prodigy by a lot of people, professional cyclists included.

Okay, so how far did his career go? Let’s sum it up. Started competing in cycling in 2006. Joined discovery juniors cycling club. Competed in scottish and british champs in 2006 but with not much success. Made it onto the scotland talent team for 2007, this year had some success in it. Won two golds at scottish youth champs and broke a record, won two silvers at the british youth champs. Tried out for Olympic development programme but wasnt to be this year. In 2008, started to compete with the seniors a bit better. Won the ESCA open sprint champs, first open senior race win. Competed at the Edinburgh GP and got fifth place in the international sprint omnium. Got the bronze in the scottish senior track champs and silver at the scottish senior team sprint champs with the discovery juniors. At the british junior champs, got fourth at the sprint and won a silver medal in the junior keirin. After this moved on to compete for the city of edinburgh racing club. Won a silver at the senior british champs in the team sprint with the city, and eventually made it onto the Olympic development programme. Seems pretty heavy for a 19 year old right? Not only that, Kevin looks toward the future. The Commonwealth Games and hopefully the Olympic Games.

With such promise in a cyclist, a lot of people are really excited. The cycling world can be harsh as new and fresh talent get sidetracked by the top stars who are hogging the limelight. Despite that, behind the scenes a lot of youth programs are molding new exceptional talent and cycling prodigies such as Kevin. A lot of people look up to Kevin as the next Chris Hoy, a fellow Scottish track cyclist who is right now undeniably the biggest track cycling star. Some people even say he looks like Chris Hoy and might as well be his son given his blond hair and muscular build. With such high hopes placed on this young cyclist will he ever reach the top? We hope so. With what we’ve seen we believe in Kevin’s talent.

Kevin’s body is definitely built for the sprint and track. His body is similar to that of other track cyclists his age, an ectomorphic mesomorph. The athletic build, the well defined muscles and rectangular shaped hard body, with a mature muscle mass with large bones all describe Kevin Stewart’s body. One that is fitting for the track. This translates to a very good performance in the track. It’s worth noting that Kevin is also coached by, among others, Jon Norfolk our previous featured track cyclist. As we have noted before, Jon carries an enormous amount of knowledge about the sport and surely, Kevin will learn a lot from him.

Now take a look at the photo above, It’s Kevin Stewart doing strength training. And take a look at those weights! I can’t even imagine lifting those at his age!! Kevin indeed has large bones with a mature and large muscle mass. But those are put to waste without maintaining it through strength training. Such training will help develop the muscles properly and will also help the track cyclist in many ways.

In the photo above, Kevin Stewart stands in the podium with other senior track cyclists.Take note that for his age, Kevin is quite big. Oh, and those washboard abs are sticking out through his skinsuit! Those thighs of his are also quite big. His body bears a striking resemblance to that of Chris Hoy’s.

Kevin’s upper extremities looks to be that of a mix of an ectomorph and a mesomorph typical in cyclists where they are usually not extremely muscular (as compared to say, track and field athletes). Kevin’s torso and chest though is typically that of a mesomorph with well defined muscles and a hard body.

Kevin not only possesses great talent, but a great personality as well. His youthful nature is quite evident and infectious and is certainly needed for someone aiming very high. Not only that, Kevin is not one to back off from a challenge or from training. His passion and excitement for the sport is inspiring for someone so young. Kevin sure is lucky to have the right people around him.

The above photos show Kevin together with his fellow senior track cyclists. As we have mentioned before, based on our experience, Kevin shows the most promise among these promising track cyclists. We can only hope for Kevin’s success. His entry into the Olympic Development Program is only the beginning.

The photos above show Kevin Stewart in the Scottish track champs. What a sexy back! You might have noticed this skinsuit design from the City of Edinburgh hasn’t changed much in years. But that doesn’t matter, we actually love this skinsuit design. Understated, calming, simple and minimalist. It is to our taste. So we finally proceed to our final photos which show Kevin Stewart not wrapped in skinsuit.

So that wraps it up! On another note, Anna thinks Kevin Stewart is hot.


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