The Top Sprint Cyclists

31 Aug

If you are new to the sport of track cycling, you may not have heard of its stars. They may not be as big as Lance Armstrong, but they’re equally popular in their own right. If you want to get closer to the sport, it is best to know these cyclists first as they are the ones hogging the limelight in international track cycling events. Do note that the countries producing the top track cyclists will either come from the following: United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. So without further adieu here are the current top ranked men’s sprinters: (Note: We have featured Robert Forstemann and Michael D’Almeida in our Track Cyclist of the Day so do check it out)

1. Kévin Sireau (France)- a track cyclist with a very good body (lean and hard but still muscular) with good looks to boot. Might be the next Arnaud Tournant with his exceptional performance in the track.

2. Shane Perkins (Australia)- Without a doubt, he is Australia’s top sprinter having surpassed Ryan Bayley. Has a very good body with well built muscles and big thighs. Looks hot too.

3. Matthew Crampton (Britain)- A young track cyclist who took a lot of people by surprise with his performance. He may not have the looks but he has the speed and power to back him up and a good looking body too.

4. Grégory Baugé (France)- Perhaps one of the few black track cyclists who has performed extremely well in the sport (and the only one in this list). Has a very good looking body to match his performance in the track.

5. Maximilian Levy (Germany)- He may not look as young as he actually is and doesn’t look hot but he possesses a very sexy body with gentle curves and backs it up with a very good performance in the track.

6. Chris Hoy (Britain)- Perhaps the most popular track cyclist today. Won gold in 3 different events in the last Beijing Olympics and aims to repeat the same feat in the 2012 London Olympics. We’re not really fans of Chris Hoy but we can’t deny his achievements and what is perhaps the best looking body among the track cyclists.

7. Jason Kenny (Britain)- A track cyclist who has managed to beat our expectations. He may be young but his performance is on par with that of the big names in track cycling. Has a lean yet muscular body and keeps on smiling with an infectious youthful spirit.

8. Daniel Ellis (Australia)- Another Australian track cyclist who looks absolutely gorgeous in a skinsuit. His body is a perfect mix of the lean and muscular. His performance already beats the old Australian cycling legends.

9. Robert Forstemann (Germany)- Still, the body to beat. No other track cyclist can beat Robert Forstemann when it comes to a large hulking piece of muscle mass. And those thighs…. they’re breathtaking. And that body isn’t just for looks, his performance is equally amazing.

10. Michael D’Almeida (France)- Perhaps the sexiest track cyclist out there. He is Anna’s ultimate crush. He possesses an absolutely gorgeous body and looks hot in person. His performance makes him one of France’s top track cyclist.


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