Why Cyclists Wear Skinsuits

29 Aug

(This anonymously written article came via e-mail and has been making the rounds in the web for quite a few months now. It is still an interesting read.)

Cycling is not like a regular bike ride around the neighborhood where you can ride on a leisurely pace. Cycling is more about freedom and speed. This is the reason why cyclers where a specialized suit known as a cycling skinsuit. From the term itself it is easy to understand that a cycling skinsuit will fit a cycler’s body like a second skin. Since it hugs the body it decreases the amount of wind resistance and maximizes their freedom of movement. This is also the reason why other cycling clothes are tailored to fit the body snugly and not hang lose. In fact most cycling clothing are tight fitted but not too tight to impede blood flow.

To get the most out of cycling, a few basic physics principles need to be understood. Cycling is a very active sport, calling on the strength and stamina of the rider. Gravity and friction are constantly trying to slow you down as you attempt to increase your speed. The best cyclists understand these forces and choose the right kind of clothing to overcome this resistance.

A cycling skinsuit is designed to decrease the negative “pulls” on the rider’s body. As the name implies, a cycling skin suit skin-tight, hugging the cyclist’s body. Normal clothing, like jeans or jogging outfits would be more likely to “catch” the wind and slow down the cyclist. Since there are no loose areas on a cycling skinsuit, the cyclist is able to move forward and practically ignore the issue of wind resistance on their body. Other cycling clothes are also made with this principle in mind. Cycling clothing should not catch any wind in order for the cyclist to be able to ride faster.

A cycling skinsuit is not only designed with physics principles in mind. The cyclist also wants a comfortable outfit that will allow freedom of movement. The constant action of the rider upon the bike’s pedals can cause the legs to chafe in ordinary clothing. A cycling skinsuit has become a part of most cyclists’ standard gear as they allow an incredible amount of movement.

Another important consideration to the rider is wearing cycling clothes that do not trap perspiration. A cycling skinsuit is made from “breathe-able” fabrics that allow moisture to escape. For colder days, there is a cycling skinsuit that can trap in body heat, making the ride much more pleasant. Once again, the fabric used in a cycling skinsuit and other cycling clothing is very important.

For the serious cyclist, perhaps decreasing wind resistance is the key in choosing the right cycling skinsuit. For the more moderate or even beginning cyclist, buy the best cycling skinsuit you can afford to insure a high level of comfort and freedom of movement. The right cycling skinsuit can dramatically improve your stamina, and give you a fuller appreciation of this sport. Cycling clothes are important to cyclists that is why it is recommended that they buy only the best cycling clothing available.


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