Navigating this Blog

27 Aug

A reader emailed us how we wanted the audience to approach this blog and asked us the best way to navigate this site. As we have now reached version 2 of the blog, we recommend using the categories sidebar to look for the kind of blog post you want to read. However, we also recommend just browsing through the site page by page. We deliberately removed the calendar so the audience can browse through either of these 2 methods. Before browsing the blog thoroughly, we recommend you read the About and Who we Are page to get an overview about this blog. So to help you navigate through the categories, let us reintroduce you to them:

Announcements: Here we put blog posts that are related to blog updates, and other announcements. Nothing special really but worth reading if you are interested in this blog.

Photo of the Day: A random photo once a day. This could be anything related to track cycling its athletes or cycling in general. There isn’t much discussion but only a short caption to accompany the photo.

Random Tales: These are blog posts which do not fit into a category. Until we can find a place for these posts, this category shall remain.

Sports Sciences: This is a category about the science of cycling and track cycling. This category can be too technical and scientific, but you’ll learn a lot here. You might want to ready a dictionary since medical terms are thrown at you here and there. Even if you’re not interested in such matters, we recommend you read this category simply because we have stuffed some of our best photos in here.

Tales from Beyond the Track: These are stories about track cyclists doing things that may or may not be related to cycling or track cycling for that matter. If you want some stories about track cyclists behind the scenes, you may want to check this category and add this to your RSS feeds.

Track Cycling 101: Our tutorials for those interested in the sport of track cycling. We ENCOURAGE all our readers to read the blog posts in this category so they can understand the sport. Moreover, we have stuffed tons of photos in here, so it’s worth a look.

Track Cyclist of the Day: Not updated daily but once in a while, we feature a track cyclist and describe the athlete as a whole, from his body build, to his performance, personality, etc. Take the performance part with a grain of salt since we’re not experts in the sport but enjoy the photos and our stories.

Video of the Day: A new category. Features videos pulled from the web about track cycling, and its athletes.


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