Tales from Beyond the Track: Volume 7

25 Aug

In telecasts of track cycling events, one is showed the actual race, the post-race, and the podium. Right after we were introduced to the sport of track cycling, we wondered what happens pre-race? Thus our excitement during our very first encounter of track cycling in a competition setting. Suffice to say, a whole lot happens pre-race. The atmosphere can be unbearably intense, and there’s a great deal of anxiety just before the cyclists mount their bikes.

A lot of track cyclists talk with their fellow teammates to ease their tension. The iPod becomes an extremely useful gadget, and the time in the rollers is enough to allay the track cyclist’s fears and tension.  Warming up is already enough to prepare the track cyclist mentally.

A little pep talk with the coach is enough to provide motivation and inspiration. Even sharing simple words of good luck help ease the back breaking intensity of pre-race waiting.

Pre-race stretching and warm-up is a most not only for its physical benefits but also for its psychological and emotional benefits as it allows the track cyclist to prepare himself for the race both physically and mentally. A lot of other things happen pre-race, but we’ll return to that in another feature.


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