Track Cyclist of the Day: Jon Norfolk

21 Aug

Once again, today’s featured track cyclist will be quite different from our previous cyclists. We decided to feature Jon Norfolk simply because we owe a lot to this guy. A lot of things about track cycling we learned from him. He certainly had his glory days in the track but his passion for the sport is unwavering and he continues to teach the younger ones the secrets to success in the track. Our time with him was truly unforgettable, and his knowledge about the sport is astounding. This article will be on the short side as we seem to have a shortage of photos on him.

You might already be familiar with this photo which was featured as one of our Photos of the Day. So this is Jon together with the podium ladies. Take note that Jon is tall and lean.

Here’s Jon Norfolk in the podium. Take note of Jon’s body structure. It’s almost a perfect mix of ectomorphic and mesomorphic features. Jon is a mix of both. His upper body is lean, and less muscular while he maintains a rectangular shaped body and has a solid chest with well developed muscles of the lower extremities.

Here’s another podium shot emphasizing Jon’s ectomorphic mesomorph body. Take note the disparity between the developed thighs and calves to that of his less muscular upper extremities.

These podium shots show Jon’s physical profile with a lean upper body and muscular, well developed lower body. This combination is quite effective in the track as it delivers solid power with arguably increased maneuverability.

Perhaps more than anything else, more than the looks, that body, the speed and talent, Jon Norfolk possesses a huge heart. He is willing to share his expertise with anyone without asking something in return. We will never forget the times that we shared with this amazing person. The things he taught us, the values that he imparted to us during our time with him. He may not have been the best track cyclist, but he sure did help a lot of younger track cyclists meet their goals. As of  now, he is in the Paralympic team as a sighted rider in track tandems.

We’re extremely lucky to have known Jon Norfolk. Kean used to have huge mancrushes on Jon, and every time spent with him was amazing. He’d teach us and a whole lot of other track cyclists the basics in the track, what not to do, and all the very important things a track cyclist must know. He is without a doubt one of the reasons why we fell in love with this sport. Despite his expertise, there is a warm, humble atmosphere around him. I cannot even say this about other track cyclists.

Now to end this article, we have here a photo of Jon Norfolk looking very good even without lycra. Till the next time we meet Jon!


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