Tales from Beyond the Track: Volume 5

21 Aug

Now let’s return to this segment. Let’s explore these photos which feature cyclists in a variety of weird cycling positions. Of course, such positions aren’t allowed during a race, but track cyclists do know when to have fun. That photo above is NOT Graeme Obree’s superman position.

Now here’s a friend of mine. Aaron, a track and MTB cyclist from Colorado. In the first photo, he’s attempting that superman position although he IS too big for bike. Aaron is big guy by the way, so big in fact we used to call him the ogre. He’s attempting a fancy position in the second photo. Biking while NOT sitting in the saddle. Not very comfortable to the crotch BTW.

They seem to have switched places or these guys are just playing pacer. Either way they seem to be having fun, and no one seems to be scolding them.


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