Track Cyclist of the Day: Robert Förstemann

19 Aug

It’s been a while since our last featured track cyclist and we’d like to feature this one massive beast for the track cyclist of the day. We’ve got good stories on this one. When we first started our job with the Australian Track cycling team, we were amazed by the well built bodies of the track cyclists. Jason Niblett, Shane Perkins, Daniel Ellis, Ryan Bayley, to name a few had amazing muscular body builds that were as hard as a rock. It was funny then during our time with them, they gave us a tip that the German track cycling team will take our breath away. So we waited for the next international world track championships so we can see this German track cycling team. And that day came, we didn’t recognize them at first but when they donned they skinsuits, OMG, their bodies really took our breath away, and we had to pick our jaws from the floor. Most notable was Robert Förstemann (or Foerstemann). This guy was short, but his muscles dwarfed those taller than him! This guy was too imposing and big for his own  bike! Due to the familial nature of the sport, we got a chance to be with the German track cycling team and it was an amazing experience. Now it’s your turn to be swept away by Robert Förstemann.

Well, that pic above is a teaser. But if you’re well versed at my blog right now. You’d immediately notice that Robert has a, yes.. a mesomorphic body. This is an example of a true mesomorph, where the ectomorphic features are practically non-existent. So don’t try comparing pics of him with Taylor Phinney.

Here’s Robert doing strength training. Yeah, he can lift weights THAT big. Take a look at the muscle definition of his back, well including his ass. Looks beautiful ain’t it?

Now take a look at this pic with Robert and the team. Those thigh muscles are a beast!! Of course, we couldn’t help but try it out and those muscles are as hard as a rock. It’s dangerous. Hehe.

Now here’s other full body pics of Robert. So take a look at those mature muscle build, hard body, thick skin, with prominent facial features and large bones. Definitely a mesomorphic even at one glance.

So how does this massive body translate to performance? In one word: AMAZING. Just take a look at Robert’s cycling career highlights. Robert has won a lot of events. Given this body build, it’s natural for him to be specializing in the sprint and team sprint category. Definitely a powerhouse to look out for in the future.

Take a look at that form of Robert’s when he’s in his bike. The muscles deliver the much needed power to propel him to such amazing speeds during sprints.  Now take a look at this video feature of Robert. I can’t understand much German though, but take a look at the clips that are featured. It’s clear that his speed is definitely brought about by the power of his massive muscles.

Now take a look at this good shot of Robert shirtless. The chest muscles are well defined and so are his upper extremities. The body is clearly rectangular in shape from the torso down. The abs are well developed. Now, this body is really hard, with thick skin again a perfect example of a true mesomorph.

Again a full body shot of Robert.Take note of his build. Despite his size, he manages to deliver a very imposing body. The rectangular shaped body is quite evident in here.

Now take a look at this pic, compare Robert’s thighs with the other BIG GUYS. Its worth noting that a lot of this guys in the photo are taller than Robert, but Robert’s thighs dwarf them all!

Now take a look at this podium shots. Robert’s muscles are a sight to behold. Those thighs! aaahh.. Take a look at the last photo, in the left is Rene Enders, whose height is a complete mismatch for his massive muscles. His muscles put up quite a fight to Robert’s. He also has massive muscles but Robert beats it in all aspects (however, Enders has the advantage of an Olympic title unlike Robert)

So how is Robert Foerstemann the person? Well, he’s a great guy! We’re very poor in German but somehow we had an amazing time with him! How was that possible? This guy has an amazing personality brimming with life. He has a good sense of humor, is warm, polite and very accomodating. He can spend time with anyone and not complain about it. A great guy indeed.

Robert is still young (24 yo), but he shows a lot of promise. The future ahead of him is bright, and his cycling career will definitely go to heights unimaginable for now. We have faith in his talent (and those muscles). Good luck Robert! So we now proceed to our other photos part.

A closer look at Robert’s THHIIIGGHHHSSS..

Here’s Robert decorating his christmas tree while wearing a tight shirt? Wow, those muscles!

Here’s another one of those ‘podium shots then compare Robert’s thighs to the rest’ photo.

Here’s Robert with the rest of his team featuring a new dazzling skinsuit!

Take a look at that shot of Robert above shirtless. His chests are so well developed he almost has a full sized breast which one team member at the second photo can’t help but grab!!

Now here’s a final shot of Robert with the ladies! Oh those muscles are breathtaking!! So that wraps our feature, one massive article for one massive guy!!


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