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19 Aug

This blog went live last week, and it has been an incredibly taxing experience for us Kean and Anna. It was worth the trouble as we have seen a significant amount of hits from other website and referrers. We thank you all for the support you have given to this site just by visiting it. We would love to share more of our experiences and knowledge about the sport and the athletes with you. However, in return we’d like all of you to spread the word about this blog.

The drive for us to continue sharing comes from you, our dear visitors. Our philosophy for this blog is quite different as you can see. Our blog theme remains minimalist with little clutter. Our content is not only a slideshow or a gallery of photos. You can gain a lot of information from it.  A lot of our photos are unique and a lot of it can hardly be seen from the internet. A lot of these come from our own personal galleries and photo albums which we decided to share to the public.

In order for us to continue doing this, we NEED your support (not and never financial). We can live with an ad-free site, we can continue doing this without profiting from it. We just need people to see what we have done here. So thank you all and we hope you continue to support this site.

Another way of supporting this blog is by dropping a comment, making suggestions, submitting your own original velodrome and/or track cyclist photos. Any form of help is appreciable. Truth be told, we have goals. Right now, we are devoting around 50% of our time to this blog, hence the regular updates. Unfortunately though, we have postgraduate studies to think of, and we’re doing this as a hobby and as a review of the sport at the same time. Our highest web site hit for one day is just short of one thousand. Help us reach the 1000 mark. If ever we hit that mark, we might continue devoting our time to this blog. If not we might spend lesser time with this blog. Either way, we will continue to work on this blog despite our busy schedule. This is our outlet in addition to cycling on the road and track.

-kean and anna

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