Tales from Beyond the Track: Volume 3

18 Aug

Our 2 previous posts from this segment feature track cyclists doing some rather wacky things. Yes, track cyclists know how to have fun. At the same time, track cyclists also know how to pose for the camera during photoshoots and they do it so well its almost natural. Take a look at the Team Sky photo above. They’ve nailed the model look perfectly.

Here’s Ross Edgar and Chris Hoy both from Team Sky track cycling team. They really do know how to pose for the cam professional model-style. The Team Sky skinsuit is one of the best skinsuit designs I’ve ever seen though I have yet to see it in person. I still consider the Team GB Olympics 2000 team kit to be the best.

These American based track cyclists under the Momentum Track Cycling Team, with prominent track cyclists Adam Duvendeck and Travis Meyer do know how to pose for this photo shoot with no less than their new skinsuit kit.

The Greek national track cycling team are a personal favorite of Keans. It is one of the reasons why our first featured track cyclist was from this team. Take a look at the pics above. They can take on the modelling world anytime! They look badass. Perhaps the most badass looking track cycling team I’ve ever encountered. And to put it bluntly, they’re photogenic and look good in that frame. Another reason why Kean admires the Greek track cycling team is that he not only admires and looks up to Christos Volikakis, his brother and the rest of the team, but Kean just loves underdogs. And it so happens, The Greek cycling team are underdogs in the track cycling world yet continue to surprise their competitors by churning out nearly endless amazing performances in the track.

Now this is one of Anna’s favorite track cyclists. The THEO BOS. Once a prominent figure in the track cycling world along with Chris Hoy and Arnaud Tournant, Theo Bos has silently exited the track for the road with quite respectable results but he has no longer regained the ground that he used to have when he was in the track. So what happened? There are a lot of stories about it and you can read it in the internet, nevertheless his fans haven’t stopped rallying behind him. Now, Theo Bos is a natural at this. If you remember couple of years ago during Theo Bos’ rise, photos of him modeling naked sprung up around the web. Theo Bos indeed has modeling experience and it shows here though these are just behind the scenes photos, I can’t seem to find the final output for this photoshoot.

Here’s a little known track cycling called Team Catalunya although you might have already noticed they’re a prominent figure in my blog. Just to let everyone know, we have friends from this team, thus we often feature some of their photos. This is one of those spontaneous let’s try this photo. And it actually works, these guys can model!

Now here’s the Danish track cycling team with one of our favorites Alex Rasmussen (second from right). They look good here and they look even better in their skinsuits.


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