Blast from the Past

17 Aug

Ok this can be a bit misleading. I’m not talking about track cycling from the past of way back 1960s or 70s. But the track cycling of more recent memory, immortalized by digital scanning. Try to look carefully if you can see familiar faces.

Hey, is that Chris Hoy over there?? And Craig Maclean? They’ve come so far since then. Hoy is now considered one of the greatest sportsman in UK for his valiant efforts during the Beijing Olympics. Truly a remarkable Olympian while Maclean though absent from the previous Olympics, still has some gas left but has given way to younger track cyclists. Can Chris Hoy keep this up until London 2012?

It’s the US Track cycling team! Way back in the …. 90’s. You probably can identify Marty Nothstein. Still by far the most popular American track cyclist. No other American track cyclist has come close to his performance yet.

You remember this guy? He’s Jan Van Eijden. Amazing track cyclist with an equally amazing body. take a look at those thighs!! He now works as a track cycling coach for the USCF.


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