Track Cyclist of the Day: Michaël D’Almeida

16 Aug

So for today’s featured track cyclist, we decided to do something a bit different. We decided to pick Michael over the other track cyclists because of one reason: Anna is madly in love with him! Oh yes, Anna considers Michael to be the hottest track cyclist out there, the photos don’t even give him justice. While Kean is a bit ambiguous about this whole thing, Kean believes he is worth featuring in this blog for a lot of reasons other than being so ridiculously handsome (by Anna’s standards that is, as you all know beauty is very subjective.

Michael D’Almeida is a French track cyclist specializing in track sprint events including the sprint, team sprint, keirin and kilo. He has ridden for the Union sportive de Créteil cycling club since 2006. We’ve seen Michael in action and Anna has spent considerable time flirting with him in the track including a therapy session. Michael’s career highlights is impressive. You can check his medal record and see that he has won a lot both for himself and for his team. Amazing for someone so young. Yet another formidable track cyclist out there. He certainly has a very bright future ahead. One of the truly promising track cyclists out there. So Anna’s infatuation is justified not just for the looks but for his talent as well. So let’s take an in depth look at Michael. Here’s a video though a bit on the blurry side of Michael.

It’s not clear on the video, but Michael’s power and strength is certainly evident. His muscles work their way to propel him to blistering speeds. Certainly a build that’s suited for the track.

Here’s Michael d’Almeida in the podium in a sexy white skinsuit. Check out his body build. Unlike the previous featured track cyclist, Jason Niblett, Michael is one of the perfect examples of a mixed ectomorphic mesomorph. Still, take note that Michael has more of a mesomorphic body by observing his body structure from the torso down. His shoulders and upper extremities are a bit ectomorphic but nevertheless they are well built and very developed and could easily be mistaken for a purely mesomorphic structure.

Now, take a look at Michael’s body structure. There’s a rectangular shaped body with mature muscle mass and excellent posture. The upper extremities may look a bit ectomorphic but the rest of the body is that of a mesomorph.The muscles are well defined with large bones.

Now here’s Michael on the rollers. Check out the well developed thighs. While not as big as the other track cyclists, Michael’s thigh muscles are very well developed and is in proportion with his mixed type of body build. It’s perfectly symmetrical with his upper body.

In this photograph, Michael’s mesomorphic body becomes more prominent when compared with Taylor Phinney’s (USA) unmistakably ectomorphic body. The rectangular shaped body and the mature muscle mass becomes evident.

Here’s Michael in the rollers. This type of build and form is definitely suited to the track and Michael looks good in that form. Remember that while emphasis is on the thigh muscles and calves, track cycling will require all the muscles of the body, especially during sprints.

Again, try to compare Michael’s body with Taylor’s. The difference is striking. Taylor, being ectomorphic has a lean and slender body, while Michael being more of a mesomorph, has an athletic body. You have to hand it to Taylor for performing extremely well in the track sprints despite being ectomorphic.

Now take a look at Michael’s thighs clearly evident here. It’s very well developed, and muscular. This guy must have been lucky to have the opportunity to prepare Michael’s legs for the next event!

Here’s Michael together with his teammates concentrating before the start of their race. Take note of their body builds. They have a similar build to Michael and those thighs! They’re definitely built for the track!

Take a look at Michael striking a pose and smiling! Yes, you can rarely find a photograph of Michael smiling. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t smile often. He often exhibits a faint smile that cannot be captured in photos. A smile like this is when Michael does it overtly. It can melt hearts away. Anna can’t stop infatuating!

This guy possesses an amazing personality. He is so warm, accomodating, friendly, humble and very very calm. His concentration is intense especially pre-race. Anna has taken French classes during college and this became useful in conversing with Michael though it really isn’t a problem if you talk in English. There’s never a dull moment with Michael and every time spent talking with him is certainly worthwhile! And he doesn’t really mind talking with people at all! Take a look at this video interview. Smooth ain’t it? He is sexier even in person.

Now here’s another shot of the smile of Michael’s! Truly I can’t get enough of that smile. Often when he flashes that smile, Anna can’t stop but go over Michael and talk to him. A lot of girls swoon over him during pre and post races. Hot guy! Though it seems among friends, Anna is the only one who sees him that way. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Now here’s Michael concentrating before the start of the race. Again, Michael’s concentration is very intense during pre-races. He rarely smiles and just shows this faint ‘hi’ smile. Take note of his muscles here. The lower extremities are very well developed and that, ehem is quite visible. Nice package Mike!

Oh let’s not forget this one. Michael has an unbelievably beautiful ass!! I love it! Remember that the buttocks also generate a significant amount of power during a race. So there’s a beautiful ass put into good use! Since I’ve ran out of things to say, I’d like to say Good luck Michael! You will surely have a bright future in cycling! Now let’s move on the obligatory more photos part.

Michael in the rollers with his team.

Michael in the podium. Again.

Michael with that ‘faint’ smile of his.

Michael’s piercing eyes! Yes, I want coffee!

Here’s Michael with those piercing eyes again. And we have the final photo, the obligatory track cyclist NOT in lycra, spandex, or skinsuit of any kind. Here’s Michael with the other hot track cyclists.


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