Track Cyclist of the Day: Jason Niblett

15 Aug

Since it’s going to be impossible to feature one track cyclist EVERY day (despite what this blog category says) I’m going to post as much as I can in the coming days and weeks.

Now, in my 5 year career, I have spent more time with Australian and New Zealand national track cycling teams more than any other team. So ultimately the track cyclist of the day will be an Australian track cyclist. But I didn’t pick Ryan Bayley or Shane Perkins who will have their time in this blog some day. But I choose to feature Jason Niblett simply because of his imposing build. When we first met this guy, he was as big as his teammates but when we started working on him, we were surprised that he was more than meets the eye. This guy is AS hard as a ROCK.

Jason Niblett’s body goes hand in hand with an impressive career. While still not reaching Olympian status, Jason is as every bit as talented as the Australian Olympic track cycling team. Jason specializes in the sprints as expected from his body build. He has won several medals in both sprint and team sprint.

Unfortunately though, I could not find a decent video of Jason Niblett in action. Needless to day, Jason possesses an unbelievable amount of strength and power as expected from his build. His excellent performance in team sprints and sprints are proof of his more than average performance. Despite not sweeping gold medals left and right, Jason manages to grab some silver and bronze medals making him a formidable competitor to track cycling’s biggest names.

Here is Jason Niblett (far right) in the podium together with Scott Sunderland and Shane Perkins. Now, take a look at his muscle build. Jason is a true mesomorph with very little ectomorphic features. Jason has well-defined muscles and large bones. The torso tapers to a relatively narrow and low waist. The bones and muscles of the head are prominent. Features of the face are clearly defined, such as cheek bones and a square, heavy jaw. Arms and legs are developed and even the digits of the hand are muscled. The mature muscle mass, and muscular body give way to an excellent posture. In our experience, Jason definitely has a hard body that we likened to a rock and he has thick skin.

Now take a look at the 2 photos above where Jason is the shirtless guy in the left. It showcases Jason’s muscles and body build. Take note of the well defined muscles in the upper extremities, chest, and lower extremities. The features are unmistakably mesomorphic. Oh yeah, and that body is HARD, emphasis on hard as in rock. Jason’s hard body has become a joke among his colleagues in the track cycling world. Another track cyclist, Josiah Ng from Malaysia has commented that during the Japanese Keirin Association Keirin series this year, Jason no longer needs to wear the protective pads since his body itself is adequate protection enough. Another showcase of his body build is seen below:

Here’s Jason Niblett applying a healthy dose of sunblock. But take note of the upper and lower extremity muscles. The rectangular shaped build is quite evident in here, with his torso. Also take note that his hands are that of a mesomorph, a bit on the muscular side.

Here’s a closer look at Jason’s upper body. The rectangular structure is again evident and the upper extremities are well developed. And oh, Jason strikes that innocent pose here which he nailed so perfectly. Jason’s bones are humongous, his pelvic bones are reasonably sized for his big thighs that doing some therapy on him can be quite a chore. But fret not, Jason possesses an amazingly warm personality that you just can’t resist.

So here’s Jason with Daniel Ellis (Left) and Scott Sunderland (Right). All 3 possess mesomorphic bodies and all 3 specialize in sprint and team sprint unsurprisingly. For the record, of the 3 Jason is the biggest.

Now a side view of the boys. Take note of the mesomorphic features of the 3 australian track cyclists. In this photo the facial features of Jason are clearly defined, such as cheek bones with a square, heavy jaw. (oh yeah, its heavy we tried it ;) Again its worth noting Jason is Bigger compared to his already BIG teammates.

Now it’s time again to take a look at Jason’s lower extremities, and its typical of a mesomorph. The mature muscle mass of his thighs and calves are impressive. Also take note the size of the thighs which leave very little to no space in the middle despite Jason’s legs open enough. Compare his legs to the other cyclists.

Now here’s a weird position for a track cyclist. Of course, its because of the camera, but take a look at those thighs. They’re huge. His build is definitely for the track. Right now, Jason is in Japan for the Keirin Series. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavors and for his track cycling career. Continue being hard as a rock Jason!

Here are photos of Jason in the bike:

Take a look at those upper extremity muscles.Very well developed and another necessity for track cyclists.

Here’s another photo of Jason Niblett in action. Take a look at those well defined muscles!!!

But in the end Jason had to hand his ass over to the tiny Malaysian guy in the middle who beat him and Daniel Ellis. Below is another photo of Nibbo (as his friends call him) in the bike.

For the last photo we present to you this photo of Jason without lycra. Looks good too right? This time he is together with other good looking track cyclists. Very hot guys indeed.


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