13 Aug

Now, before you browse through this blog. Let us explain first how this blog came to be and what you should expect from it.

This blog is created by 2 persons, Kean and Anna. Kean is a straight guy, and Anna is a straight female. Let us make THAT clear first, since ultimately this blog will be instantly associated with gay, lesbian and transgender blogs which is definitely not our goal in creating this blog. We are both practicing physical therapists, and graduated last 2005 with majors in sports physiology and nutrition.

We have long been fascinated by the human body, the graceful curves and the impeccable beauty is simply beyond anything we can ever dream of. Seeing a person in tight fitting wear with all the peculiarities and beauty of the human body intact is simply a sight to behold. Unfortunately though, this is immediately associated with negative connotations of being vain, vulgar, obscene, offensive and more often than not associated to being gay. This is a sad fact, even straight people like us appreciate the human body more so in the field that we are practicing where the tiniest detail of the muscle can change the course of therapy. The dozens or more so blogs out there about lycra and spandex clad athletes are merely collections of pictures with no real appreciation frankly speaking. We wish to change the community by creating this ground breaking blog. Appreciating athletes in full tight form fitting lycra gear but respecting them by offering a constructive analysis of their build.

Right now, our focus is on track cyclists, since this is one of our favorite sports, and apparently we have had adequate experience with cyclists especially in the track.

So without further adieu, sit back and enjoy the ride. This just ain’t a slideshow, this is the real thing. A real appreciation for the human body and the sport of track cycling. A bit of a disclaimer though, perhaps all of the athletes we will be featuring here will be male athletes, some prominent, some not. Our experience is unfortunately limited to male cyclists, though we are also able to assist female cyclists, it would be unfair for them if we give an analysis that may be a bit biased although at the onset, we Kean and Anna already have our biases, so in each featured cyclist, we offer both our takes.



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